A Solid State Arguement for PS4

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#51 Posted by Nictel (2380 posts) -

I just don't get the craze over SSD's. They're really expensive for far less space and all you get is a few seconds shaved off of loading times. Is the smaller storage space and the slightly shorter load times really worth that extra cost?

Anyway, do we have any sort of confirmation that SSD's will even work with PS4's?

EDIT: Duders, I know that the idea is to have your OS and games on a SSD and everything else on a regular HDD, but I still don't see the benefits when you could have two massive HDD's for what one small (relatively) SSD costs. On a good gaming computer, the difference can't be anything more than a few seconds considering that my fairly good PC can boot in a matter of seconds and load times on pretty much any game only takes a few seconds as well.

My loading times are way better. Total cold boot went from 30 seconds to 9 seconds. Say you boot your computer daily, that's 21 seconds gain a day, which is two hours per year just on booting the computer. Now all your programs will load faster too. I wouldn't be surprised if you "gain" a day on a yearly basis. I don't know about you but I like spending as little time as possible waiting for things to load. Sure it is pure luxury but for me it is worth the extra money. Moreover, and I realize this is not a typical requirement but SSD's are more reliable than classic HDDs because they have less spinning parts. I once had a damaged HDD because I accidentally kicked my pc. All in all enough benefits for me but yes you have to make the decision if it is worth it yourself.

As for SSD in PS4 I believe they said that the PS4 will work the same concerning disk change, now that does not mention SSD specifically but I think you can imply it will support it.

#52 Posted by porksivo (1 posts) -

Any updates on what the Ps4 will allow? Personally id like to buy a 500gb ssd for the ps4 but maybe not at launch. I know that my 256gb ssd really helped my old laptop speed up!

#53 Posted by JBG4 (385 posts) -

I'm going to argue with you about the spelling of argument... Just a joke.

I'm just going to enjoy my new PS4 whenever I get it and not worry about anything else. I'm looking forward to whatever improvements they make to PSN and, a number of the announced games have me highly anticipating having them in my home. Killzone, Infamous, and and the Sony Indie push are reasons I'm only thinking about playing games right now.

#54 Posted by Crash_Happy (654 posts) -

@devilzrule27: I wouldn't be spending the cash without finding this out myself.

#56 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

I'll put an SSD in a machine where I really want the big boost of overall system performance. My console will stay a console, not worth having the SSD for the sole purpose of gaming, in a PC an SSD is amazing because my PC takes like 8 seconds from power on to desktop. (and well, also games and apps load blisteringly fast)

#57 Edited by Zelyre (1117 posts) -

It would suck if the PS4 didn't have trim support. Your SSD's performance would tank hard after a while.
It'd also suck if the PS4 had some kind of background defragmentation going on.

I'd wait and let someone else experiment first. No point in spending an additional $200 if you're gaining next to nothing. And in the case of the PS3, even when it did reduce load times, 40 seconds versus 20 seconds... it's still a long ass wait.

As for SSDs in a PC. All day. Every day. Once you use one on a PC, it's hard to go back to a regular hard drive. My 13" 2011 Macbook Pro feels snappier than my 8 core Mac Pro when it comes to daily work flow stuff. Booting a Win7 virtual machine inside my Macbook takes 3 seconds. It takes less time to boot into Win7 and open Outlook 2010 on my Macbook than it does to open yucky ass Outlook on my Pro. I can toss my laptop around, hand it off, put it on my lap and bounce it around like a crazed maniac, and never have to worry that the motion will damage the drive.

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It's been said already guys, SSDs have garbage collecting built into the firmware for good, modern drives. Loading is not only going to be significantly better because of newer SATA support. In-game performance is going to be a lot better since games make such use of hard drives. Streaming, caching, stutter lag in-game get a large performance increase.

SSHDs are the real answer here. You're going to get the speed improvements of an SSD and the storage/price of a normal HDD. Cache sizes are going to increase dramatically by the end of the year so 24-32gb SSD portions will be available.

#59 Posted by GERALTITUDE (2911 posts) -

@believer258: It's true that right now it seems all your getting is a few extra seconds with the SSD, but there's also the safety/long-term issue, which is why we use SSDs for important worklike stuff at work. Hard Drives have moving parts. Moving parts tend to break. Yeah, it doesn't happen often but still, at some point we'll all have SSDs and our data will be much safer.

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