Amazon lists PlayStation 4 games with price of $99.99

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Wii U games got listed at the placeholder price of $99.99, so...non-issue?

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They won't be that much. They're just protecting themselves with their lowest price guarantee thing. There's nothing to be gotten from this find. So yeah, non-issue.

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I wasn't aware of that. Hopefully that is the case here.

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until release dates are confirmed, retailer listings are utterly meaningless.

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@twoarmed said:

Wii U games got listed at the placeholder price of $99.99, so...non-issue?

Basically this. I think they do this so they don't have to raise prices. But I don't know if the industry can handle another generation of pushing $60 games and then $20-40 worth of must purchase DLC to stay current for multiplayer, to get the real ending of a game, ect....

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I remember after the ps4 conference, amazon said on their facebook page that all ps4 prices as of now, are placeholders.

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As everyone else is saying those are just placeholders, it's much easier to refund people who order early rather than have to make them pay more later. I don't see games rising above $60, and if they do not for very long because lower sales will force them back down. $60 is already a lot compared to other media and I doubt people will stand for games being much higher, especially when some $15 downloadable games have just as much content as a full retail release. Prices should hopefully go down later down the road because since more and more people are buying games publishers can off set the loses from a lower price by having greater sales. Yes publishers could continue pricing at the same level but as the market grows the majority of new customers and semi-casual gamers(people who started out playing CoD and Gears) and they are less willing to pay a premium price than a die hard fan, thus pushing the new customers to black market deals(used games) and taking away any profits from the publisher.

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Just the usual placeholder prices and release dates. Nothing to see here.

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GameStop did this before the WiiU came out. Games were listed at $99.99 and the system at $999.99. They have to have a price to be in the system to pre-order. Amazon is probably doing the same thing here.

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I'm pretty sure it has been confirmed that all PS4 games will be $60 and not a cent over (for the normal edition at release, of course). Well not all, but you guys know what I mean.

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@pr1mus said:

Just the usual placeholder prices and release dates. Nothing to see here.

Yup. Locking this to avoid anyone having an unnecessary sticker-shock induced heart attack.


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