"And That's How Sharing Works!"(PS4 Commercial)

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Raise your hand if you got that tune stuck in your head.

Side note so this doesn't look like a spam topic: I think it's funny how those ads say "share your favorite Watch Dogs/Destiny moments" when neither of those game are out yet.

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When I saw that Destiny commercial I thought they were aping that Super Smash Bros. N64 commercial, which was great. I was a little disappointed to see them copy it across multiple games.

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@jedted: If you want this to not look like a spam topic, maybe actually clue some of us into what you're actually talking about?

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@joshwent: Sorry, i thought posting this in the PS4 forum would be enough to say i'm referring to the ad.

Just felt like getting it out there cause the song has been driving me crazy.

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@jedted: Yep, still don't know what you're talking about.

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Getting a song stuck in your head isn't exactly the best material for starting a thread. Since there's little of conversational value here, I'm locking this down.

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