Anybody want to share my pain?

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I've had an Xbox 360 since 2008 now. Before that I was a pretty big Sony fan. I loved the Playstation 1 and I still play my Playstation 2 to this day. I decided to jump ship and get the 360 because it was cheaper (It was a Christmas gift). I loved it for a while, played Gears 1 through 3 and loved it. I looked over to the PS3 side and noticed the very strong exclusive library that it has and now here in 2013 I completely regret going to Xbox. After this E3 (The first one I've ever followed closely) I got back on board and pre ordered the PS4 the day after the Sony conference.

I'm a poor student now. I have no job and can really only afford the PS4 because I have months to save up whatever money I scrounge up. This Gen is pretty much over and I feel I missed out on some amazing titles (The Last of Us) but I can't buy a PS3 now or anytime in the near future. Shit sucks.

Is any other duder in the same boat?

And as further discussion because this is mostly me just ranting, what does everyone think of the possibility of the PS4 ever having a PS3 section? The PS3 has games on PSN from the PS2 and PS1 so what are the odds they may do that with PS4 some time in the future?

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As a fellow poor student, I've lived with a substandard PC and no console for a long time before I started making a bit more money so know how you feel. This generation was an absolute banger but there's no point dwelling on what you didn't play once the new systems come out. If you really want to go back, save up and get a graphics card on the cheap because most of those games are routinely less than $10 on steam.

I can't see them ever putting PS3 games on the PS4, the hardware is so vastly different so emulation would be a nightmare and you can hardly do re-releases like "Uncharted 2: More HD-er Edition" because there won't be that much of a difference..

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The PS3 section will be part of the Gaikai streaming part. Probably the same deal with the PS2 and PS1 libraries.

I'm not in the same exact boat, but I sold my PS3 at the beginning of this year to a friend. Before I had gotten my PS3, I went through 5 360s due to that damn RROD pandemic. It kind of sucks now that I don't a PS3 anymore as I really want to play The Last of Us. I would actually still consider getting a PS3 and even a 360 when their prices are reduced even more, because they both have a huge library of good games.

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I loved my PS2 and will probably be getting a PS4, but in no way do I regret getting an Xbox 360 over a PS3. The only PS3 exclusive games I'm interested in are the Uncharted games, MGS4, and The Last of Us. The 360 was the better console of the two for me. Should be fun going back to Sony next gen.

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@adam1808: Theyre saying that they will handle backwards compatability through the Gaikai cloud streaming service, so i imagine the emulation wont take place on you system, but they havnt really said any details about that.

That said, i dont think you missed much in the ps3 exclusives area, infamous was the only exclusive that i really enjoyed.

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@shadowconqueror: I think an increase number of people will be doing the same thing.

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I don't feel your pain... because you're a poor college student with no job deciding to scrounge up money to pre-order a console.

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@hurricaneivan29: Playing games is my main hobby. I don't need to pay bills or anything so when I get money that's what I spend it on.

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When I was poor student, I swapped my console with a fellow student for a couple of weeks. (I also bought bought a couple of games for said fellow student's console but he didn't return the favour - 'cos he was a cunt)

Don't you know any one with a PS3?

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@ezakael: Jack said right in the press conference that Gaikai's PS3 game streaming will come in 2014 for PS4, PS3 and Vita. So no need to buy a PS3. You'll get to play all the lovely PS3 exclusives when 2014 comes around.

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@awesomeusername: I have no idea how I missed that but it's good to know!

@bribo said:

When I was poor student, I swapped my console with a fellow student for a couple of weeks. (I also bought bought a couple of games for said fellow student's console but he didn't return the favour - 'cos he was a cunt)

Don't you know any one with a PS3?

My friend has a PS3 but he wouldn't lend it to me in a million years. I'll just have to convince him to let me play The last of us at his place someday :P

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@ezakael: You were probably having seizures from the announcement of $400 because they said it right after.

Sorry, it was Andrew House who said the Gaikai streaming is coming in 2014. Not Jack. It will debut on PS4 & PS3 followed by the Vita. I know because I saw it right now on YouTube.

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Get a job? Crazy idea, I know.

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Get a job. Even the shittiest one can afford you a modern console.

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Some people are saying you should get a job but dude: If a job would interfere with your studies too much—don't do it. As someone who just graduated college, the only advice I can give anyone is that you will value the little free time you have. Spending it working will drive you insane, especially when the workload at school gets heavy. I was in a really intensive program, though, so maybe I'm an edge case. Either way, having time to spend doing other things here and there let me hold on to my sanity when I wasn't spending hours upon hours doing homework.

It's tough, but you'll manage. I barely played any games this year and missed out on just about every massive exclusive towards the end of last year. I was just too busy and all my money was going towards supplies. (illustration student) When I did play games though, I got a lot of mileage out of replaying some stuff in my collection. If you still have your PS1 or PS2, play some games you might have missed out on or replay something you loved. You'd be surprised how different a game can be as an experience if you come back to it years later. If your PC is moderately decent, you can play cool indie games that'll keep you busy from time to time.

Shit sucks for sure but it'll pass. Video games are cool as fuck but it's not like you'll suffer without them. Focus on what's important and when it's over, you'll appreciate diving back in so much more.

(Also man, maybe you should try holding off on the pre-order. Having some money on the side to be able to do things > day one next-gen system. There is nothing worse than constantly answering "Sorry man, I'm broke." to friends who ask you to go out drinking or hanging out and shit.)

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I am also a student (granted, I'm almost finished) but you know, I have a job. It is an option you should look at.

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