Are you guys buying disc or digital?

#51 Posted by spykereightsix (87 posts) -

Digital only. Primarily for the convenience and I never have to worry about wear and tear.

#52 Posted by rickyyo (188 posts) -

I'm going all digital on my XONE.

I'm following this as well. Unless I see some great physical deal.

#53 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -

Discs for me. I always choose discs over digital unless the digital version is reasonably cheaper (ie: Steam Sales, the reason my PC library is digital rather than on disc)

#54 Edited by MEATBALL (4033 posts) -

Physical. When it comes to games and movies I much prefer to own physical media. Download sizes are also far too large for me to want to deal with, and yeah, often you'll be able to find console games cheaper at retail than digital.

The moment games stop being physical releases (or transition to the system proposed by Microsoft for the Xbwan originally) is the moment I stop buying games (except for perhaps DRM-free options).

#55 Edited by Likely_Inebriated (5 posts) -

All digital.

More convenient not having to get up and swap discs and I never sell my old games anyway.

#56 Edited by billyhoush (1244 posts) -

I still buy disc. I like having a stack of PS4 games next to my PS3 and PS2 games. I like to see them on the shelf like a movie or book and be reminded of it to pick it up and play again.

#57 Posted by yevinorion (747 posts) -

Mostly digital for me. Much easier since I don't have to deal with the hassle of importing from the US and quicker too. Also I had my first PS4 have the rare "disc constantly trying to eject" issue, so I'm a bit scared of discs right now.

#58 Posted by kaos_cracker (945 posts) -

For me it's a mix. I enjoy being able to delete some games after I 100% them and clear up room, but I like building a disk collection of games.

#59 Posted by meteora3255 (243 posts) -

I'm probably going to stick to discs just because I imagine games will install quicker from disc than download. Since I envision having to regularly do clean up due to file size I would like the be able to get into a game quickly. That said price and convenience sometimes win out. If I see a game on sale for cheap on PSN/Live then I would buy it digitally. As for convenience, its pretty simple: I wanted to play Injustice but didn't feel like driving and didn't want to wait for it to ship so I just hopped on my PS4, started the download, watched a couple episodes of Seinfeld on DVD and came back to a ready to play game.

#60 Edited by BRich (446 posts) -

All digital and I got really annoyed when Microsoft reversed their policies, since that would have allowed me to find the best deal anywhere, install, and then forget about the disc.

#61 Posted by yesac2004 (151 posts) -

I'm sticking to discs since my Internet is kind of atrocious and I'm one of those dirty people that trades in my games.

#62 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4213 posts) -

I'm still all digital on PS4. I'll have 2 physical games on XONE by next week.

#63 Posted by spraynardtatum (4069 posts) -

I'm going to do both like a normal human being. There are no lines drawn in the sand. I'm not going to make any allegiance to "disc" or "digital" because I think they should both exist. As a consumer of videogame media I sure wish that this industry would stop trying to pit us against each other.

#64 Edited by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -

Meh, both. It depends if I feel like clicking on Amazon or through PSN that day. I upgraded my PS4 hard drive on day one so I have room to burn.

#65 Posted by Darth_Navster (79 posts) -

Mostly digital for me. The Canadian dollar has been weakening lately that's making retailers here hike up prices/less likely to lower prices. Combined that with Sony's aggressive pricing through PS+, the deals are simply better for me online.

#66 Edited by miko1222 (238 posts) -


I've got Killzone, Battlefield, LEGO MARVEL and Black Flag on disc. You could say digital is less of a hassle, but having a clean collection is a great feeling. You know, opening your draw and just finding the games here, atop each other, instead of digitally playing those games straight via the PS4?

#67 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3809 posts) -

Both, it depands on what it is, when I buy it, etc.

I have CoD Ghost as a download because it always in my rotation of play. SO I have a disc based game in teh drive, but I can switch to ghost at any time. I will probably buy more online games this generation, it is just easier.

#68 Posted by Creamypies (4166 posts) -

Until the prices get knocked down on digital purchases, I will continue to buy games where it's cheaper... and that's physical.

Still seems utterly ludicrous to me that digital prices are so inflated, if anything, they should be cheaper.

#69 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

I don't even consider digital now that the game sizes are so massive. I mean sure they include a bigger hard drive than what was included with the first PS3/360 models, but the games are so much bigger that it kind of nullifies it.

#70 Posted by PhilESkyline (874 posts) -

Disc as much as possible. The only digital games I download are the ones offered by PS+ or the Walking Dead Season Pass.

#71 Edited by Tyrrael (323 posts) -

Call me old fashioned, but I just like having a physical collection of my games, at least for consoles. I don't really feel this way for PC, since there really isn't any competition for Steam, in terms of pricing and deals/sales. Also, all games have to be installed anyway, and it's much faster to install from the discs. I have a pretty fast internet connection, but these 40+ GB downloads would still take considerably longer to download than the usual 10 minute or so wait from installing them from the disc.

#72 Posted by klinekline (6 posts) -

I typically only buy discs, but yesterday I saw the "spend $60 get $10" and that might coerce me into buying more digital. If I hadn't already preordered Infamous at GameStop, I might've bought it digital.

#73 Posted by PSUDude66 (44 posts) -

Digital. Makes me ensure I'm paying for something I want since I'm against trading in games. Also cuts down on clutter

#74 Posted by isomeri (1793 posts) -

My PS4 came bundled with a disc version of inFamous, but I plan on buying all my games digitally in the future as I have done on the Xbox One. I might pick up a single-player game on disc here and there if I can get it for cheap and I don't really plan on ever re-playing it.

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#76 Posted by OurSin_360 (1222 posts) -

The way the pre-order nonsense is going, i've been buying digital just so i can get games on day one without having to put money down weeks in advance. I'd rather own a physical copy but i wanted infamous and i knew it came out on friday and stores wouldn't have it besides gamestop and they'd be all like "Hey did you pre-order?" "Uh, no" " can't sell it to you" "Uh, fuck you then"

#77 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -

So Ill just update my response to this and say I've been trending digital and its great. Not having to pop a new disc in to switch games is a great added benefit of going all digital.

#78 Edited by jag_stilvecchio (4 posts) -

If I have the option between digital and physical I'll always opt for the physical media even if it's more expensive. I do have a pretty decent Steam collection of games but outside of PC gaming I tend to favor physical media.

#79 Edited by Jesus_Phish (1725 posts) -

For my PS4 I'll be going pretty much with discs on everything except PS+ games, digital download only games or games that end up super cheap on sale. With the limited amount of space available and it being easy for me to go pick up a copy of the game where I live I just see no reason to go all digital.

#80 Posted by Brendan (8810 posts) -

In technical comparisons I've read, load times are a little shorter for downloaded games than disc games. When combined with an SSD the load times for downloaded games are significantly shorter than the stock method.

Load times are most important for me (Elder Scrolls) than having physical copies of my games forever.

#81 Edited by Sooty (8195 posts) -

I bought Ground Zeroes digitally but most others physical.

#82 Posted by Matt_F606 (346 posts) -

Right now the benefits of digital don't out-way the price difference. In the UK Infamous is £49 on PSN and £42 on Amazon and Walmart (ASDA). I get why, as the bombcast discussed these stores sell the hardware and it's still in Sony and Microsoft's best interest to allow these people to compete but at least have PSN match the cheaper physical prices.

#83 Posted by EthanielRain (974 posts) -


@zella said:

Almost exclusively digital, just find it less of a hassle. Only own one disc game so far, everything is has and probably will be digital. I used to sell my games but don't really anymore as I usually regret selling a game like 2 years later so this way I can just redownload them from my library.

My internet speeds are decent too so I don't mind the time it takes to download a full retail game. Stuff like preloading and play as you download help solve that kind of problem too. If I run out of space I'll just buy a new larger drive and swap it in.

#84 Posted by Pontron (28 posts) -

I love me some discs. I don't see the point in getting a console if you're gonna go all digital for those big releases. Trading/Selling is half the console experience. Also, I refuse to pay the same price for a digital version that had no manufacturing cost to make. If there was some type of discount for going digital, I probably would.

Also, nothing really beats those stacks of boxes, discs, and booklets (although those rarely come with a game anymore) in the corner of your room. Not sure why, just like having a physical library.

#85 Posted by Raven_Sword (4085 posts) -

My worry with going all digital is bandwidth caps.

#86 Edited by SaFt (425 posts) -

I will keep going with discs as long as i can. The reason for this is that i don't really have that fast of an internet connection and it would take forever to download a 50GB game and also because i don't feel like paying 600 SEK for a digital copy when i can get it from internet stores for 400 instead.

#87 Posted by LiquidPrince (16523 posts) -

99% physical, 1% digital.

#88 Edited by T0MBraider (39 posts) -

I've been buying my games digitally on the Xbox One and so far I have no regrets. Being able to switch between games in a matter of seconds is just super convenient and it's also the cheapest way for me to purchase games seeing as new games in New Zealand cost $77USD, verse the $60USD they cost digitally. Unless retail games come down in price, I will probably continue to buy my games digitally for the rest of the generation (and when I get my PS4 some time this year)

#90 Posted by riddlergeist (11 posts) -

i physical... especially when prices drop, and i get them preowned.

ive been buying digital for a while because my ps3 broke its blu-ray laser. so afdter 6months of expensive games i couldve got cheap preowned, its nice to go back to physical.

#91 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

Disc. The file sizes of the digital versions are way too large, and I can't share the games with friends. And I like collecting.

This reflects my opinion. I even imported Okami HD just to have the disc version.

#92 Posted by Maximus_VI (63 posts) -

Physical. I like to sell/trade some of my games after I'm done with them, and I can't do that with digital.

Only if I was making a ton of money and didn't need to care about reselling would I go all digital. Sadly, that couldn't be further from my reality.

#93 Edited by Seikenfreak (792 posts) -

Physical. I prefer to have physical media for my collection and hopefully a bit more future proof.

#94 Edited by onyxghost (346 posts) -

I bought 5 games on disc at launch. Haven't bought a disc since. I buy stuff digitally at work on lunch break. Not going to the store has turned out to be great.

#95 Edited by bobafettjm (1730 posts) -

At least so far I have only bought games on disc, even Pinball Arcade.

#96 Posted by Vanick (333 posts) -

So far I'm all digital. I like not having to mess with discs. Unfortunately things might get tricky in October/November when lots of games start coming out since I have a bandwidth cap.

#97 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

Question. Does PSN games unlock at midnight on the west coast? Cuz if so I'm never going to pre order anything digital on PSN again. Having the day off to play a game but then having to wait until 3am my time is the worst!

#99 Posted by Rejizzle (508 posts) -

I have a PSN Plus subscription, so I'll get a lot of stuff digital, but anything else I'll probably get physical. Saves on hard drive space and I like looking at a shelf full of games.

#100 Posted by whatisdelicious (1425 posts) -

I've been buying everything digitally, but I'm starting to get the urge to switch back to physical just because of how lackluster some of the launch games have been. Killzone and Need For Speed I went with physical because I wasn't sure whether I'd like them, and sure enough, both were OK but not worth keeping. I bought inFamous digitally and again, cool game but not nearly worth keeping forever, so I wish I'd bought it physically.

I like the convenience of digital. I like supporting the developers and publishers over GameStop. I like how readily available indie games are. But I might switch back to physical for AAA games unless I'm 100% convinced I'm gonna love it.

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