Bastion on PS4??

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I emailed Supergiant games asking if bastion will be released on PS4 in the Future!

This was the reply i got...


Thanks for your interest in seeing Bastion on the PS4. We're currently hard at work developing Transistor for the PC and PS4, and we have no plans to release Bastion on the PS4 at this time. However, we definitely haven't ruled out the possibility for the future.Thanks for your support !



Supergiant Games.

What do you guys reckon? Will it be released?

I hope so.

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Transistor will be released first.

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I got the same message when I asked them in 2011 about Bastion on PS3. Microsoft must have an exclusive console release so don't expect Bastion on ANY Sony game device in the future. Although a Vita version might actually get me to play it again....

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I don't think trophies would be a good enough reason to replay it. I played that game to near-exhaustion on the PC, and knowing how the story plays out would certainly make a third playthrough much less exciting (the second one would have been a drag itself, if not for a New Game+ option).

If anything, wanting to complete those dream-challenges (whatever they were called) might take me back to the game.

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I think they will release transistor and then evaluate their next move. I'm sure they don't even know at this point.

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Shame, but if you have a halfway decent gaming PC Bastion runs fine. It's a shame that it didn't come to Sony platforms like Braid did. Hopefully indie developers will be savvy enough not to take Microsoft's money in the future now it's more of a level playing-field in terms of next-gen console install base.

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