Can't log in to PSN (North America)

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Hey all, anyone else not able to log into PSN? I get a can't connect to server error. DCUO won't connect either i get a black screen after the first load screen. I looked at twitter and the playstation blog and couldn't find anything.

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Even though it shouldn't start for another two hours, there is scheduled maintenance for PSN today from 9 to 2 PM Pacific (12-5 Eastern).

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PSN and Nintendo's eShop are down for maintenance today, sounds like it'll be most of the day. Probably find more into on the official site though.

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Thanks guys i did check but i didn't see anything.

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It seems maintenance has started early for some reason.

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@deanoxd: Dude, the guy who replied first gave you a LINK to the announcement.

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@demoskinos: Yes, i meant before i posted this topic, not the link he posted

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@deanoxd: Yeah, it was just by chance that I saw a Joystiq article that linked to it, but I didn't see anything about maintenance before that.

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Well i still can't log in, anyone else ?

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