Cancelling your pre-order?

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#1 Posted by Subject2Change (2966 posts) -

I have been speaking to a bunch of friends and it seems that we have all come to the conclusion of cancelling our pre-orders. Why?

Well the Launch games are nothing special. I can play AC4 on my PS3, I can play BF4 as well, nothing PS4 exclusive excites me and I was originally happy with the idea of having 3 games at launch (none exclusive besides DriveClub, but it would start me off with more than 1 game), nothing super special but AC4, Watch Dogs and PS+Version of DriveClub. Now I can only get one of those.

Still have a bunch of PS3 games that have yet to be confirmed for PS4, Dark Souls II a big one for me.

Anyone else cancelling?

#2 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (1873 posts) -

There's enough coming out early in 2014 (Infamous, Destiny beta, Thief, The Witness) that I still want to get a PS4 ASAP.

#3 Edited by jimmyfenix (3859 posts) -

Nope. Also i do not want to games which are technically made for next gen on my PS3. AC 3 on the ps3 was awful in terms of frame rate.

#4 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19377 posts) -

Nah. I'm bummed that Watch Dogs and Driveclub have been delayed, but there are still a few games I want to play at launch and I know I'll end up with a PS4 eventually, so I might as well get one at launch for the whole excitement factor.

#5 Posted by joshwent (2327 posts) -

IMO pre-ordering is always a bad idea. Especially with a brand new piece of complex hardware/software/networking stuff. By waiting until a console has gone through its paces and eventually has a game you want to play, you're missing out on nothing except potential bugs.

Good move!

#6 Edited by Killercombo (233 posts) -

I have preorders for both so I think I will get them both, I managed to get them on the same site with solo bundles, in the UK we always get fucked over with the dumb bundles.

#7 Posted by brutushayesosu (139 posts) -

Nah. I've been applying gift cards towards the balance ( and only have $70 left. So at this point, for me, it would be pointless.

#8 Posted by James_ex_machina (905 posts) -

I thought about preordering a PS4 but I'm holding off. I have such a game hoard to go through I'm set for awhile. I was primarily an Xbox360 user until I got my 2nd PS3(1st one kept at gf's for BluRay & and games). The cleaner PS3 interface won me over so the PS4 will be what I get next.

#9 Edited by JayEH (538 posts) -

Not canceling. Just because a lot of games are coming to 360 and ps3 doesn't necessarily mean they'll be great. For example, you know Bf4 on 360 is going to be crap. ( frame rate, player count, visuals)

#10 Posted by jimmyfenix (3859 posts) -
#11 Posted by DarthOrange (3878 posts) -
#12 Posted by Kidavenger (3605 posts) -

The launch games were never the selling point for me, I'm getting one and it may as well be at launch, the price isn't going to change any time soon and I'd be getting one for Infamous as soon as it's out.

I waited way too long to get a PS3 and missed out on a lot of games, not doing that again.

#13 Edited by mikey87144 (1811 posts) -

@subject2change: I wouldn't play BF4 on current consoles.

I'm considering it but ultimately no. The fact remains I will want one for inFamous and Destiny and at least plus all those indie games. The price isn't going to drop until early 2015 so as I have the money why not get it now and just know I have it for the games I want.

#14 Posted by HatKing (6060 posts) -

I think I'm cancelling. Year end is tight. I'd like to be able to buy gifts for friends and family, and I have a two or three week vacation at the end of the year. Dropping $400 on a system I won't play much of until February or later isn't worth it. I'll just wait. Odds are they'll roll out some sick inFamous bundle with a dumb red controller or something, and I can do that when the time comes. Between the short stack of shit I've yet to play this year, and the couple of things that still interest me, I'll be just fine.

#15 Posted by leinad44 (530 posts) -

I didnt bother pre-ordering. Always best to leave it a few months.

#16 Edited by fisk0 (4406 posts) -

I didn't preorder in the first place, this gen made it pretty apparent that it's a good idea to wait and see if the first batch of the new consoles are having any kinds of hardware issues.

#17 Posted by RazielCuts (2982 posts) -

This is how I feel about next gen in general -

A wait a see approach for me. Second Son is looking pretty great and I can pick up Knack and Shadow Fall later. Although I just watched the latest GT.TV and KZ is looking pretty sharp.

#18 Posted by John1912 (1928 posts) -

Ive been pro Xbox in the past as they were better systems all around for developers and the quality of 3rd party games were typically better. Which is fucking sad when PS3, that is one year newer, under performs for several years. Its inexcusable really. That would never fly in another industry. Sony finally got their shit together and put out a system with more mainstream hardware so its actually not a issue this gen. I was on the fence and even planning on getting a PS4 over a Xbox, but the launch line up just sucks. In the end Dead Rising was the deciding factor. Ill get a PS4 in spring when there is actully something worth buying. I hope Infamous doenst suck. I dont have high hopes for the story with that EMO wanker as the main character. He seems just awful.

#19 Posted by punkxblaze (2990 posts) -

Well the Launch games are nothing special. I can play AC4 on my PS3, I can play BF4 as well

Yeah, if you want them to SUCK.

Just kidding, you're probably making the right decision. Though, based on AC3, AC4 probably is totally going to suck on current hardware.

#20 Posted by you_smell_dude (11 posts) -

Someone give me your ps4 pre-order. I want one and can't get one.

#21 Edited by Cerberus3Dog (382 posts) -

I cancelled my PS4 pre-order a couple days ago, then bought the Wind Waker HD WiiU bundle. I'm going to get one eventually, I just don't need one when it comes out.

#22 Edited by DonutFever (3561 posts) -

Nope. Was only planning on getting one launch game anyway, now it's just gone from Watch_Dogs to Knack.

#23 Edited by Seppli (10251 posts) -

Why would I cancel the preorder? The thing won't get a pricecut for well over a year anyways. I'll jump into this new generation headfirst. And comparing BF4 on PS3 with BF4 on PS4 is apples to oranges. 64 player Battlefield is a whole other can of worms.

I'm getting Killzone Shadowfall, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals at launch - and I'm very curious about Planetside 2 and War Thunder on the Free 2 Play front, and I'd like to try out DC Universe Online, which for some reason doesn't work on my PC. If there is a lull between these games and Infamous and Watch_Dogs, I'll be grabbing Black Flag at some point.

Let's not forget about the indie games like ResoGun and that Gunfighter PvP game, which both look like amazing arcade fun. For my sensibilities, everything I want out of gaming this Holiday season is to be found on new gen consoles. I really don't get the caveat some have with buying into these boxes.

I've been clamoring for new boxes for years, and now finally they're here. I can't wait. I certainly won't wait for a pricedrop, which is the only reason to wait really.

#24 Edited by CaLe (4039 posts) -

The thought of cancelling both my Xbox One and PS4 pre-orders and getting away from gaming crosses my mind on a daily basis. I just know I wouldn't be able to stop consuming Giant Bomb content, and through consuming it I know I'd wanna play the new games they cover. Basically, Giant Bomb is a gateway drug to the real killer that is vid'ya games.

#25 Posted by MetalBaofu (1431 posts) -

Nope. I really want the new console, and I had no intention of buying any of the launch games anyways. I use Gamefly, so I will just rent them all. As well as having Resogun and Contrast from PS+, but mainly I will have my PS4 for the future games that I will want to buy.

#26 Posted by rangers517 (204 posts) -

I'm keeping my preorder. Still a bunch of launch games I'd wanna play. I'll probably get AC4 and Need for Speed first along with the free PS+ games Resogun and Contrast. Then Killzone, which looks a lot better to me than the previous ones. Since I don't have a gaming pc I'll try all the f2p games too. Even Lego Marvel looks alright.

I'm kinda most excited about getting away from shitty framerates and stuff, and versions of games being worse on ps3 sometimes like when I played Skyrim. Now that the PS4 is more powerful and devs seem to be eager to show the ps4 or pc version of stuff, that problem is gone.

#27 Posted by MikeJFlick (443 posts) -

Nope, still locked in, I've bought each sony console on opening day and haven't been disappointed with one of them yet, so might as well keep riding my prize winning horse until it fails me.

#28 Posted by csl316 (9254 posts) -

I thought about it, and getting a Wii U instead with 3 or 4 games.

But I know my PS4 will be worth it in the long run, and I'm dying for new hardware (since I'm not a big PC guy).

#29 Edited by iceman228433 (616 posts) -

God no have you seen NBA 2k14 nuf said.

#30 Posted by jgf (394 posts) -

Nope. Actually I never was much into Watch_Dogs. Just looks like a modern day Assasins Creed and I had plenty of AC in the last years. Drive Club concerns me more, as I would have played the PS+ edition. After all I like that they put quality over release date. Guess I'll just have to wait.

@subject2change I can't fully understand your view. BF4, CoD and AC4 may also be released on 360/PS3 but they will be significantly better on the new consoles. Especially the BF4 expierience with 64 players and the like. What I would get more is when you choose to hop on next gen consoles later in 2014 because of the many great exclusives in the backlog of 360/PS3. Not so much for games that come out now on current and next gen.

#31 Posted by Grilledcheez (3955 posts) -

I might as well just go through with it, who knows how long they will be sold out and in demand.

#32 Posted by StarvingGamer (8472 posts) -

Nope. There's still stuff I want to play at launch, and there will be plenty more coming early next year, long before any sort of price drop/hardware revision would happen. There is no advantage to me waiting on the PS4, only downsides.

#33 Posted by Quemador (169 posts) -

First batch of sony products are better than the one that fallows ex: phat ps3 > slim, first vita > LCD vita.

But hey man the beauty of all this is that we all have options.

#34 Posted by jimmyfenix (3859 posts) -

@quemador: I really liked the PS2 slim instead of the phat model!

#35 Posted by knifeoframbo (38 posts) -

While I was looking forward to the games that were pushed back I'm still excited because this is the first console I've bought at launch so there's excitement that goes with that. And I think the next gen bump that games like Battlefield 4 will get make it worth the money, especially since I want to play inFamous early next year.

#36 Posted by handlas (2719 posts) -

No. Why wait? For a price drop? If I am not getting it at launch I wouldn't be able to wait for a price drop or anything. Feels like it's been so long since I've had a brand new console... I'm ready.

#37 Edited by Chaser324 (6716 posts) -

@quemador: I really don't think that logic is universally true. I've had no issues with my slim PS3, and many launch PS2 units like mine had issues with the disc drive.

#38 Edited by Krakn3Dfx (2501 posts) -

The PS4 isn't going to get any cheaper over the next 12-18 months, and there will be plenty of awesome games in the next 12-18 months, and the longer I have the console, the more value I get out of it.

There are 2 less games coming out on PS4 Day One than there were a week ago. There are still 33 games coming out for the PS4 Day One.

We're still getting the Plus version of Driveclub, just a few months later. And in the meantime, we get Contrast for free in addition to Resogun.

So of course not. These "somebody farted, who's cancelling their pre-order?" posts never get old tho.

#39 Edited by nevalis (82 posts) -

While my wallet wept for getting the PS3 shortly after launch, having full backwards compatibility with PS2 games has been nice. Also, it came with a free blu-ray of Talladega Nights, which obviously is worth the risk and expense of adopting new tech early.

What that all means is I'll be keeping my PS4 pre-order despite the delays.

#40 Edited by Vanick (332 posts) -

I'm keeping my pre-order. There are still plenty of games at launch and in the first year that I really want to play. The only benefit I can see from waiting is having some of the hardware and software kinks worked out which I know there are bound to be a few.

#41 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11449 posts) -

As someone without a gaming PC, I'm keeping mine because I want AC IV. That may be the only game I buy for it, but whatever. The price isn't going to go down by February (which is when I think inFAMOUS Second Son is out), so why bother waiting?

#42 Posted by ottoman673 (558 posts) -

Cancelled my PS4 yesterday. There's just not shit i want right now.. I can bump out Black Flag on PC, Knack and Killzone don't interest me at all, and all the rest of the titles are split-gen games I don't want. I'm more than happy sitting on my fat backlog until Spring, maybe grabbing either an X1 or PS4 around tax time.

#43 Posted by TooWalrus (13255 posts) -

For me, that depends on if the ipad mini 2 they announce on Tuesday has a high-resolution screen or not. I'm either going to spend money on one or the other.

#44 Posted by Barrock (3552 posts) -

Nope. I'm not buying it for the launch titles. I'm buying it because it's new. I have the bug.

#45 Posted by Chaser324 (6716 posts) -

I went ahead and cancelled my PS4 preorder a few days ago. Sure, I'll eventually get one. For the time being though, I'm not all that excited about just having another black box on my shelf and nothing in the launch lineup really compels me to immediately grab one. None of the games that get released in the next 6-12 months will cease to exist before I get one.

#46 Posted by Sterling (2600 posts) -

Hello NO. I'd order more if I could. You silly consumers you.

#47 Posted by jayjonesjunior (1094 posts) -

@jayeh said:

Not canceling. Just because a lot of games are coming to 360 and ps3 doesn't necessarily mean they'll be great. For example, you know Bf4 on 360 is going to be crap. ( frame rate, player count, visuals)

If the beta means anything BF4 for PS3 is also going to be total garbage.

If you don't have a PC for the multiplatform games, i say keep your preorder, because the exclusives or next gen only games don't look very good anyways, it is going to be all about the user experience, like streaming, watching streams, using crosschat, remote gameplay on a vita and all the little things you can't do on the PS3, and for the first time you are going to be able to experience a proper Battlefield on consoles.

#48 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2501 posts) -

I guess since 2 games were delayed, all we have to look forward to is:

  1. Basement Crawl
  2. Counterspy
  3. Doki Doki Universe (Free-to-Play)
  4. Escape Plan (Cross-Buy)
  5. flOw (Cross-Buy)
  6. Flower (Cross-Buy)
  7. Killzone: Shadow Fall
  8. Knack
  9. Resogun (Free w/ Plus)
  10. Sound Shapes (Cross-Buy)
  11. Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
  12. Battlefield 4
  13. Blacklight: Retribution (Free-to-Play)
  14. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  15. Contrast (Free w/ Plus)
  16. DC Universe Online (Free-to-Play)
  17. DiveKick
  18. FIFA 14
  19. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
  20. Just Dance 2014
  21. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  22. Madden NFL 25
  23. Minecraft
  24. N++
  25. NBA 2K14
  26. NBA Live 14
  27. Need for Speed Rivals
  28. Pinball Arcade
  29. PlanetSide 2 (Free-to-Play)
  30. Pool Nation Extreme
  31. Skylanders Swap Force
  32. Super Motherload
  33. Tiny Brains
  34. War Thunder: Ground Forces (Free-to-Play)
  35. Warframe (Free-to-Play)
#49 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (454 posts) -

The two games I planned on playing a bunch of at launch were Driveclub and Watch_Dogs, and I can't do that now. Anything else coming at launch looks fairly uninteresting to me(expect Knack, but that game won't have enough to it for me to buy new hardware for) or I'll play on PC. I was already hesitant about buying a console at launch because that's a stupid, stupid thing to do, and this pretty much solidified that I don't need one of these right now. So yeah, I'm probably cancelling.

#50 Posted by geirr (2680 posts) -


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