Connection Problems w/ PS4 & PSN lately?

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I'm further from my house router than I was a week ago, but it doesn't seem to have an effect on anything else. My iMac, iPad, 3DS, Vita, phone etc. all still connect without any problems. At first I could still stream from apps like Netflix, and just online performance in games like FFXIV was cut; as of today, the system can't seem to connect at all. Either the "Internet Connection" part of the network test will fail or the "PSN Sign-In" will. When I first moved, the connection was spotty but more than useable. Over the past few days, it's become unworkable.

I got one warning/error message about my router not supporting "packet fragmentation," but I've used the wifi here before, and none of the equipment or setup has changed since then. Like I said, I'm further from the router than before, but viewing the connection status on PS4 shows a signal between 85-95%...certainly enough to get the job done, I'd figure. And when the system would connect, the download test would come up with something like 10-15mbps. The data it gives leads me to believe the connection could be fast and stable, but something is holding it up.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Tough to get anything done on a PS4 without a connection!

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You're further...well, try not being further.

You have some choices:
1) Move the PS4 ...or move the wireless router
2) Move both
3) Possibly buy another NEW router with better reach and better tech

If moving the devices just is not possible the only real options are

  • Getting a new, faster router with increased range

  • Setting up a hardwired network using Ethernet, MoCA or powerline system.

What I would do, if the router is less than two years old, is move my wireless router up and out of obstacles. I would then do an update on any firmware for the device itself and do a clean/new setup of the router with the new firmware. If the router is old, or isn't a 802.11n with dual-band 2.4GHz and a new router.

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I had connectivity issues with my dinky Wi-Fi and the PS4, so I bought a 10m ethernet cable and went cablebound yet again. I guess a better Wi-Fi router should solve your problem too.

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I had the same wifi problem with my PS4 as well. It worked just fine at first, but then it suddenly stopped even though I didn't move the PS4 or the wifi-router. But then I found a useful fix. You need to reset you PS4 to factory settings. Go to Settings - Initialization - Restore Default Settings. You won't lose the games you've downloaded, the only thing you need to do is sign into PSN again, so I hope you've got your password memorized. (cause I didn't)

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