Could someone explain this expectedly plain concept to me?

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I spent some time with PCs, around the time of Monkeys Island 3 and Allied Assault, but at the time I still preferred consoles. Yes, even when it came to a Rareware FPS vs. a PC FPS. So something about the PS4 always has me a bit...paranoid. The Last of Us is downloading and the full, actual game is still a ways away from being playable.

But the day one patch for The Last of Us has already been downloaded and installed. Normally I'm around when this stuff happens but I kicked this off from the Playstation App for once. But part of me feels like this is just...not in the order of operations. Am I ignorant of data? Rightly paranoid? What say you?

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This is not unusual. When I download my PSPlus games it often happens that a patch is downloaded alongside the actual game file. Since patches are usually smaller than the game it downloads faster.

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@roland_d11 said:

This is not unusual. When I download my PSPlus games it often happens that a patch is downloaded alongside the actual game file. Since patches are usually smaller than the game it downloads faster.

My issue is, I'm usually present when this happens and stop/pause the patch download until the full game is done downloading. This is the first time I came home to a finished patch with an hour long wait for the playable game, and I jus feel like something is off about that when it's probably nothing.

I'm not paranoid about pricing practices in games, I think a lot of F2P pricing makes sense it's just wrapped around uninteresting games or put in places a full retail price to buy into initially. But there's this thing I have about this kind of patch process...I feel like as step is missed or something? It's probably nothing.

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The whole last of us download is kind of odd. I made the mistake of downloading multiplayer first, so now I'm waiting 20 minutes in between scenes, my hope is that it's installing single player content while I'm playing mp since my connection usually doesn't suck but I have no way of knowing since it's not appearing in my downloads

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Nah, it's probably fine.

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I don't really understand what the problem is? Are you worried the game will break or that it's stupid that a patch would download before the full game?

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@nodima: So you missed the download of the patch and think that is odd? I can't see anything odd about that. And what does the pricing of F2P-games have to do with anything?

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From a PC perspective, yes it seems strange, but patches seem to work differently on consoles. Can't say for sure how it works, but it seems to be more of a "supplement of files" rather than changing already existing files. I dunno, maybe it's just newer versions of the same file and games are programmed to always look for the newest file, but consoles always have a good chunk of patch data stored, which would be unnecessary if they used the traditional PC method of patching.

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@ares42: I think you are correct. AFAIK since console games run off a disk (or, as is custom on the new consoles), off the installed content that was read from the game disk when you first insert it. That installed file will not be changed or patched, the patch is a new set of files. That way patches can be downloaded and installed before the game itself is fully downloaded.

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To those who are confused, I think what the original poster is trying to say is that they find it odd that a patch would be installed before the actual game itself has been installed. I've always found it to be strange, too.

With disc-based games on the PS3, I always install the game first before I let it download any patches, but on the PS4 the patch downloads start automatically and they're almost always done by the time I get to the downloads menu, so I don't bother with stopping them. But I can't say I've encountered any problems that might have been caused by this way of patching games on the PS4, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

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Perhaps 'installed' is what is confusing you. I don't know if this has changed on current gen consoles, but with last gen, nothing was really installed the way programs are installed on a PC. It's basically just a bunch of files that are copied to your harddrive.

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@gaminghooligan: You can check if a game is still installing by hitting Options on it and going to Information.

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