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Hey, I've been kind of enjoying DC Universe on the PS4. Never played it on any other platform, though, so I'm still feeling it out. I got a Legendary membership for a month and will go from there if I'm still playing next month. It's definitely got some issues but I'm hoping it gets better.

Anyway, I don't have any friends on PSN (I've accepted a few from here from the sticky on this board) and am looking for people to play DC with who are using their mics. I'd like to join a league, but don't know how yet. Still new to the game (Lv13, one toon but I'll make more.)

Pretty sure I'll crap out on it if I can't find some decent people to play with.

PSN: R3belD0gg_

DC Character name is R3belD0gg (Creative!!! Actually, every damned thing else was taken and I got tired of trying lol. Not sure if it can be changed.) I'm a villain for now, DPS/Control roles (I think... still figuring stuff out.)

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I'm defintely enjoying DCUO for PS4 and am currently hunting for trophies. If you need an awesome site for ps4 cheats, tips, or guides, check this one out: PS4 Game Cheats

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