Disc Drive Noisy/Humming for Everyone?

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Installing Need for Speed Rivals and Killzone Shadow Fall off disc, I can't help but find my PS4's disc drive disturbingly noisy. It's humming. The box is vibrating a bit. After playing the digital version of BF4 all day yesterday in nigh absolute quiet, it's feels pretty wierd to me. It has me a little worried too. Might I have a bad drive in my PS4? Note: After installing, it's as quiet as a churchmouse again.

Is everybody's BluRay drive noisy/humming during installs? Is it as noisy watching BluRay movies?

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@seppli: It happened to me too, here's my post: http://www.giantbomb.com/need-for-speed-rivals/3030-42584/forums/ps4-disc-drive-noise-with-need-for-speed-rivals-1462400/#3

After cleaning the (spotless and fresh out of the box, mind you) disc, it stopped doing that noise. Check the video and see if that's the noise you hear. Also note that mine only did that during disc boot up, it would go quiet afterwards. Good luck.

I can't quitee make it out in your video, but yes, kinda similar. A entirely too loud feeling humm during installs. I usually have headphones on, so I don't really notice any noises it makes otherwise (nor the gamepad speaker).

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Yeah, I think that is the PS4's way of telling you the disc is dirty. Because mine did that too until I cleaned the disc.

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Yes, they all make that noise when doing the caching. Then it stops after about 5-10 minutes, and doesn't spin again until the next time you start the game. But it is not really that loud. Unless you are sitting right next to it.

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Must try out a BluRay later tonight. Can't be that noisy watching a movie.

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Mine sounds like one of those rings kids get that they blow into. But only for the first few minutes. Then it's quiet.

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@seppli: When it's loading menus and stuff it's a teeny bit noisy. But when you're just watching a video, it's about as quiet as a PS3.

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Yeah mine is a bit loud at first but then just spins down and everything is fine

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It happened to me once while playing Killzone SF. It freaked me out, but went away after about a minute or so. Hasn't happened since. <Knocks on wood>

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