Do you think Watch Dogs will be worth getting?

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#1 Posted by JakeMoore1106 (51 posts) -

Just a quick question. Do you think Watch Dogs will be worth getting when it comes out or shall just wait for it to get cheaper? Or just wait for The Last Of Us?

#2 Edited by CaLe (3944 posts) -

My anticipation for it has pretty much vanished since the first reveal when I was blown away by it. That said, if the reviews are good I'll definitely try it out. I just dunno what to expect from it any more.

#3 Posted by SteadyingMeat (1144 posts) -

@cale said:

I just dunno what to expect from it any more.

Pretty much this. I'm honestly more excited for the reviews than I am for the actual game itself.

#4 Posted by Trusty_Spoon (79 posts) -

Personal opinion for me right now is that it may be worth waiting. My manager played it a month or so back and said it still feels incomplete (although he theorised that it may have been an old build.) Hey that's just me though, really it all boils down to personal opinion and I know the pre-orders have been high for it in work so it must be doing something right.

#5 Posted by falserelic (5394 posts) -

Yes...I don't mind dropping the money. Looks like my type of game and I'm getting it on ps4. I'm going to go around and murder people with that smooth coat.

#6 Edited by MooseyMcMan (10827 posts) -

Probably. I suspect it'll be a well crafted open world game with a good amount of content. Whether or not it's the most technically amazing PS4 game, or pushes the boundaries of game design is irrelevant to me. I just want games for my PS4, preferably good ones, but I'm willing to buy stuff I might otherwise wait on, because of the lack of games at this point in time. Which is not to say I think that of Watch_Dogs, but you get what I mean.

#7 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5367 posts) -

I honestly don't know anymore. I'm very cautiously optimistic about it. I guess we'll see soon enough. I'll be buying it regardless of the reviews though, since I really want something new to play on my Ps4.

#8 Posted by TruthTellah (8720 posts) -

Yeah, sure. Why not?

But eh, what do I know? I haven't played it.

#9 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2089 posts) -

The reason I got interested in Watch_Dogs is because I thought you could walk around Chicago unhindered and mess things up or listen in to random things, even what other players are doing in the game, kinda like a vigilante. It's certainly the feeling I got from that first E3 reveal. If it turns out to be much more formulaic than that, then I will more than likely skip it. I haven't even seen a single trailer for it either....luckily.

#10 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1556 posts) -

Holy crap yes.

#11 Posted by Village_Guy (2534 posts) -

It looks like it will be fun to play, so I'll probably get it.

#12 Posted by JuggertrainUK (200 posts) -

From what I've seen so far this game looks like the definition of 8 out of 10. So with the lack of games being released at the moment I'm definitely buying it day one.

#13 Posted by HammondofTexas (616 posts) -

I'll say the obvious and recommend you wait for reviews

#14 Posted by mosespippy (4101 posts) -

It's hard to tell what it is. Everyone got excited about that first trailer. It's been a long time since then so it could have changed a lot in that time. This is very much a wait for reviews situation.

#15 Edited by Berserk007 (203 posts) -

Negative,I have a feeling they took all the good stuff out during the delay, and quick transitioned to a gta style. It may be worth playing but it's not going to be game of the year.

#16 Posted by SingingMenstrual (327 posts) -

Depends on your standards and preferences. This isn't about low or high standards, it's not a matter of intellectual superiority, I'm not an asshole.

Me, my standards revolve around gameplay, and if GTA V terribly failed to achieve what GTA 3 and San Andreas achieved in terms of groundbreaking gameplay advancements and furthering interactive possibilities, I really doubt that Watch Dogs will be anything more than a beautiful virtual Chicago and a bunch of hacking gimmicks.

Hell, even Sleeping Dogs which implemented the Arkham gameplay into GTA style games beautifully, did not overall provide any real gameplay evolution. These last few years have been a painful stalemate for any gameplay aficionado IMO.

Short answer: I'll spend 20 dollars tops on this.

#17 Posted by Yodasdarkside (276 posts) -

I can't see what the fuss is about this game. It looks nothing more than a futuristic and mildly stupid GTA.

#18 Posted by hermes (1400 posts) -

I really can't tell anymore. Early E3 videos make it look far more open in choices and ways to interact with the environment.

At this point, it looks like the standard 3rd person action/adventure game, an Assassins Creed in the near future with cell phone powers replacing animus powers. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Abstergo ends up doing some cameo.

I guess I will wait and see, but its not a must play right now.

#19 Posted by bybeach (4772 posts) -

I won't be surprised if the game turns out good. Whether I want it/want it right off is a different matter. Feel I have to add it's for a different platform, so anything there doesn't factor in like it might for others.

#20 Posted by swamplord666 (1758 posts) -

So far feels like Ubisoft open world game v.4 so i'll probably wait till the reviews drop.

#21 Posted by spraynardtatum (2790 posts) -

It has a great premise. It looks like it got pretty dumb since it was revealed though.

#22 Edited by awesomeusername (4168 posts) -

When I first saw the game nearly 2 years ago, I was blown away yelling "HOLY SHIT!!" Then it got Ubisofted. And by that I mean marketed to hell. I've seen so much that I don't really care anymore. I still kind of want to play it but that will either be in a couple months or if my brother buys it day 1 on PS4, then in a couple weeks.

#23 Posted by Marcsman (3177 posts) -

Been waiting for this game since October.

#24 Edited by Yummylee (21470 posts) -

@spraynardtatum said:

It has a great premise. It looks like it got pretty dumb since it was revealed though.

Yup. It's like every trailer and new bit of info has continuously beaten down every piece of initial excitement I had for it. The stupid gravel voice; the ''my family was murdered so REVENGGGGEEEE'' character motivation; the higher focus on regular cover-based TPS gameplay over using your phone; releasing a trailer for the season pass content before the fucking game is even released... And while I still think the game looks alright, the graphical downgrade didn't really help things, either.

#25 Posted by WJist (313 posts) -

@swamplord666 said:

So far feels like Ubisoft open world game v.4 so i'll probably wait till the reviews drop.

This. Ubisoft games have been trending in this direction and, with each one that comes out, my enthusiasm for this style of gameplay wanes. Traversing levels in the Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell universes has lost some of its meaning, but maybe Watch Dogs will be the one to resolve some of those issues.

#26 Posted by AlecOfTheWest (276 posts) -

@hammondoftexas: reviews are going to be shining regardless of the quality. I'm more excited for the player feedback when people realise the PS4 can't even run it at a consistent 30 fps, all complete with Ubisoft's amazingly horrible idea of mission design.

#27 Posted by notnert427 (229 posts) -

@cale said:

My anticipation for it has pretty much vanished since the first reveal when I was blown away by it. That said, if the reviews are good I'll definitely try it out. I just dunno what to expect from it any more.

I feel the same way. Is anyone still impressed today by the "raise the posts and watch the cops chasing you crash into them!" feature that's been in every video for this? That seemed like a really cool 2012. Now, I don't think I'm alone in already being bored of this mechanic before the game is even out. The gameplay looks very much like a hybrid of AC/GTA/Splinter Cell, and the graphics sure don't appear as good as they once did. About the only thing that can salvage this in my book is if they have enough interesting random NPC interactions/side-missions. It will pretty much have to get great reviews across the board for me to pick it up soon after release. At this point, I'd probably be more excited for next-gen port of GTAV, which is sad. Ubisoft better make The Division everything it's supposed to be, especially if Watch_Dogs underwhelms as I expect it to.

#28 Posted by nasp (253 posts) -

i think the game if executed well could be amazing.that being said its a ubisoft game and all ubisoft games drop in price really fast .so if you can wait a month or two i almost guarantee it will be at least half the price.

#29 Edited by Sammo21 (3251 posts) -

I hope so, but I don't know. I have it paid off and I am getting it but I hope its more than just a half assed modern assassins creed but with hacking.

#30 Posted by CorruptedEvil (2372 posts) -

I got it free with my brand new graphics card so i'll play it. I'm apparently the only one who doesn't hate ubisoft and the entirety of the western gaming industry in this thread though.

#31 Posted by BanzaiBandito (71 posts) -

I'm hopeful that this game turns out to be worthwhile. A part of me wants to get it simply because it is set in Chicago. The character designs do nothing for me though, bland anti establishment caricatures. Too soon after Infamous for more punk lite anarchy. Not sure about the gameplay either. The hacking looks simplified and gimmicky. This will definitely be a wait and see game for me. I'll definitely be listening to what other gamers say about it.

Anyway, it doesn't help that it releases the same time as Mario Kart 8.

#32 Posted by afabs515 (1018 posts) -

I was super excited about it last year, when it was supposed to be a PS4 launch title. Now, I don't know what to think anymore. Development of that game seems like it's been so weird that I have no idea what the quality of the final product will be. I'm personally passing on it, at least until reviews come in and at least a few months go by.

#33 Edited by MB (12199 posts) -

I'll be waiting for a Steam sale, at least 50% off. Preferably 75%.

#34 Posted by Corvak (974 posts) -

The people who got super hype will be underwhelmed, but it'll be a decent modern era open world game.

#35 Posted by ZolRoyce (651 posts) -

@corvak said:

The people who got super hype will be underwhelmed, but it'll be a decent modern era open world game.

That seems like the right attitude to approach the game from, and it kind of reflects the GB guys with the 'unfinished' look they did for it, no one seems particularly hyped up about it, but they seem pretty open to playing it and perhaps enjoying it.

Kind of seems like the game in a nut shell, the cool things look, well, cool and seem fun, but the other stuff seems average.
Shoulder shrug, give it a play, have some fun, put it away.

#36 Edited by SteadyingMeat (1144 posts) -

You know, I really hope this game's story just turns into some huge Deus Ex style conspiracy at some point. Like, I wanna break into the evil company's labs and just find a bunch of aliens and shit. I'll be really interested in this game if it turns out to be that. If it's just another crime story, I dunno if I really care.

#37 Posted by Demoskinos (14724 posts) -

I'm sure it will be an entirely fine game but man do I just not remotely give a shit about it personally. So I mean if you are looking forward to it get it I suppose.

#38 Edited by bemusedchunk (679 posts) -

buying games at full price...

#39 Posted by Veektarius (4745 posts) -

I think it looks better than people give it credit for, but as a person who trashed AC4, I don't think I'm in the intended audience and will definitely be waiting for a price drop if I buy it at all. I'm also a little worried about the game's politics, since the whole anarchist-hacker thing isn't at all my bag. Not sure whether they're going that way with it or not.

#40 Posted by Stonyman65 (2656 posts) -

I don't know dude. It seems to have changed so much from that original reveal trailer a few years ago to what it is now I have no idea what to expect. I think this is definitely a case of waiting for reviews and Quick Looks before you pull the trigger on it. It could be good, or a complete disappointment. I guess we will know in a few weeks.

When the guys made that video about it a few weeks ago Brad definitely said that the PC version would be the one to get, so I would say go with that if you have a machine that can handle it. If not, I think it's pretty safe to say that the PS4 would be the better console version. That could change between now and then, so once again I think the best idea is just to wait and see how it turns out. I wouldn't buy it Day One if I were you.

#41 Edited by A_E_Martin (186 posts) -
@alecofthewest said:

@hammondoftexas: reviews are going to be shining regardless of the quality. I'm more excited for the player feedback when people realise the PS4 can't even run it at a consistent 30 fps, all complete with Ubisoft's amazingly horrible idea of mission design.

Sony is claiming that it runs at 60fps on PS4. Looking forward to seeing if that's true.

#42 Edited by FriendlyPhoenix (380 posts) -

At this point Ubisoft has their open-world design down to a science, so if you still like their open-world games you'll most likely enjoy this. And if you don't, you should probably just pass it by.

#43 Posted by Reisz (1479 posts) -

I don't think, I know.

#44 Edited by mrfluke (5127 posts) -

yea i think so, before i was worried, but the recent trailers have it looking pretty good. i really hope they nail the story, so much potential for that to be a cool story and a foundation for a big series.

#45 Posted by 49th (2722 posts) -

I think it will be a solid 8/10 game. If you feel like playing an open world game like that I'm sure you'll have a good time.

#46 Edited by me3639 (1747 posts) -

Day one no.

Day 90 or > yes.

#47 Posted by BlueWolverine (97 posts) -

No. Can't wait for people to turn on this game because the final product won't directly play like its E3 trailer that set the whole gaming world on fire. I cannot stand over-exaggerated hype, and having a huge delay only makes that hype expand until it can't support its own weight. Anyone buying either a PS4 or Xbox One for this single game, I hope get disappointed for having high hopes for something they haven't even played.

#48 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1561 posts) -

For me, it's going to come down to how varied the missions are and how the story is. I think most of us got swept up by this game's reveal back in 2012 and were maybe a little fooled into thinking it was more than just another modern-day open world game with a neat gimmick. I can't see it being anything more than that, but if it keeps things fresh and interesting, I don't see that not being an enjoyable 12-20 hours.

#49 Posted by BaneFireLord (2918 posts) -

I have very low expectations. Nonetheless, I pre-ordered it when I saw a really good deal; $25 will probably be worth the price of admission, even if what I'm getting audience to is a trainwreck.

#50 Posted by tourgen (4459 posts) -

no idea. waiting on the reviews

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