Do you think Watch Dogs will be worth getting?

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This pretty much sums up how I feel about Watch_Dogs:

Interest over time (no, not that kind of interest...)

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I was pumped for it, even just a few weeks ago, but I have decided against buying it to just focus on my backlog of games, especially the Silent Hill series on PS2. If you're in it for the hacking stuff, I would recommend waiting for reviews, just to see how pervasive that stuff is in the game, or if it's just GTA with all the cover based shooting and driving with hacking going on sometimes.

#53 Posted by pause422 (6275 posts) -

At this point the more I see of Watch Dogs the more it I feel it won't be a very great game. I won't be getting it unless it gets good reviews AND I see gameplay that convinces me its something I will enjoy.

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I can't see what the fuss is about this game. It looks nothing more than a futuristic and mildly stupid GTA.

Because every open world game is obviously like GTA. I mean, mechanics, tone, setting, story obviously don't matter at all right? It has cars and a city so GTA!

#55 Posted by ptys (2040 posts) -

Its up to the game to sell itself to you. If you're not compelled to go out an buy it, maybe somethings not clicking with the game and your tastes. I've bought so many games I now regret just because of the hype machine, don't add to the unplayed pile if you can avoid it I reckon.

#56 Posted by SoulCane (6 posts) -

Yea it's looking pretty good so far.

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Hang on, let me look into the future...

Nope! Well that's unfortunate.

#58 Posted by Rebel_Scum (933 posts) -

I'll get it regardless of reviews. I'm sure it's probably on par with GTA mission quality which is fine by me.

#59 Posted by crithon (3549 posts) -

meh, why not. I had a dozen reasons why not to be excited, but in all honesty if it's a big sandbox to leap into it's worth a spin...... I already was out about the time they showed the Magic phone.

#60 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

From the little I've seen I'm definitely intrigued, hopefully it's a bit different from the traditional Ubsioft "Climb-Towers-to-reveal-missions-and-hidden-objectives/items" and the somewhat new intruduction of "kill-animals-to-Craft-pouches-and-Upgrades". Though killing animals would be a strange thing to do in a city.

#61 Posted by CByrne (377 posts) -

I'll be picking it up in hopes that it fills the void that GTA V no longer fills. If it's a world that I can just drive around and do stupid stuff, I'm all for it. As I want an immersive world to explore. I've drove around GTA V's world enough for it to not feel new anymore. I've sailed the seas of black Flag enough to feel like a naval superpower. (granted I found all the chest and stuff but lost interest in the story) I'm ready for a world to explore. Plus knowing Chicago well enough I want to see if some landmarks exist. If I can virtually sit in front of Lavazza Coffee on East Ohio Street and play tetris on my super hacker phone, it'll be worth the price of admission to finally do something I do in real life, in a game.

#62 Posted by BambamCZ (152 posts) -

@fritzdude: lol, bunch of rare animals somehow found their way from zoo. Hunt them and craft new phone and tablet cases...

#63 Posted by GrantHeaslip (1796 posts) -

I've come to the realization that Ubisoft Montreal open world games (and maybe open world games in general?) aren't my thing. I played AC: Brotherhood recently and spent most of my time somewhere between bored and annoyed. I spent three hours with Far Cry 3 before realizing that nothing about it was doing anything for me. I get why people like these kinds of games, but I'm having a pretty hard time imaging Watch Dogs interesting me in a way that Brotherhood and Far Cry 3 (or even Saints Row IV) couldn't.

#64 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

I suspect it may be plagued by Ubisoft trademark bazillion different super shallow systems that add nothing of value which were put in to give the illusion of depth.

#65 Posted by OleMarthin (330 posts) -

looks good to me, I'm getting it day one.

#66 Posted by Dussck (506 posts) -

I'm still on the fence with this one. Never was super excited about it (not even after the infamous 2012 E3 demo), but it kind of grew on me.

Still, the graphics and gameplay are looking pretty avarage when I see the trailers. I'm also kind of afraid that it will be AC4 all over again, which was a great game the first couple of hours, but got more boring along the way. For me these (Ubisoft) games are plainly lacking challenge. It's just collecting hidden stuff that is not hidden at all and working your way through loads of enemies. It feels as exciting as doing groceries.

I also want to wait for the reviewers, but the Ubitrick is that their games are looking pretty spectaculair the first hour or so, giving the rushing reviewer a false image of the whole game. Most of the time there's less then meets the eye :(

#67 Posted by MrAbomination (45 posts) -

It would have to be pretty spectacular to get me interested. The little I've seen has just looked like...another grey po-faced third person action game and I'm so done with those. Unless it's Dark Souls.

#68 Posted by Rebel_Scum (933 posts) -

I've come to the realization that Ubisoft Montreal open world games (and maybe open world games in general?) aren't my thing. I played AC: Brotherhood recently and spent most of my time somewhere between bored and annoyed. I spent three hours with Far Cry 3 before realizing that nothing about it was doing anything for me. I get why people like these kinds of games, but I'm having a pretty hard time imaging Watch Dogs interesting me in a way that Brotherhood and Far Cry 3 (or even Saints Row IV) couldn't.

Yeah they do love chucking in heaps of stuff to do in their open world games that really clutters up the map. I've given up trying to finish all of that sort of stuff so whenever I play a Ubi open world game I stick to the main mission and some of the side stuff I enjoy without feeling I need to finish all of it.

#69 Posted by MindBullet (224 posts) -

Maaaan, I should be excited for this. I'm a total Ubisoft mark at this point, but... I just don't give a damn about anything I've seen from this game. I don't know what it is, but I literally feel nothing for Watch Dogs. The biggest reaction it gets out of me is that every time I hear the name I kind of wish it was a sequel to Sleeping Dogs instead.

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No clue. I don't think it'll be a disaster, but I'm waiting to see some more after it's out. Any idea when review embargo is lifted? Does Ubisoft generally allow early coverage?I'll probably pick it up during it's release week. This looks like exactly what I want to play on my PS4. I'm optimistic, but I never dive in blindly to any game.

#71 Posted by CrazyBagMan (888 posts) -

What a disheartening thread... Way too many people in my opinion that sound completely limp. Opinions, blah blah.

#72 Posted by John1912 (2165 posts) -

Im sure the game will prob be good. Though I dont expect it to be all that memorable. When GoTY rolls around I might be like, oh yea, that came out this year didnt it.

#73 Posted by l4wd0g (2231 posts) -

i have it preordered,but I'm waiting on the reviews

#74 Posted by meteora3255 (243 posts) -

I think there are really two sides to this:

There still isn't much out for the new consoles, especially in terms of AAA third-person action titles (Metal Gear and AC are really about it at this point) so if that is your type of game and you have one of the new boxes its probably going to be worth it just because there isn't much really coming in that genre to the new consoles between now and Batman/AC in the fall. For that reason alone I will probably get it.

If you are asking whether the content of the game itself will be worth it that is a little murkier. The game I saw at E3 two years ago seems a lot different from the one I am looking at right now. As several other people have said already in this thread it seems like what started out as a unique and original concept has looked more and more like the standard third-person open world action game with each new trailer and screenshot. If the game ends up being a GTA V clone with some hacking stuff thrown in then its going to be a huge disappointment.

That is what worries me most. The original way I saw the game was as more of a stealth-type game where you tried to avoid confrontation by hacking things to solve problems and distract/incapacitate enemies. The combat sequences would be triggered when you failed to execute the proper hacks and had to clean up your mess. Now it looks more like the game is a cover based shooter where the hacking stuff allows you to manipulate the environment during firefights or advance the plot when going through missions. I hope I am wrong because I really want this game to be good.

#75 Posted by Encephalon (1431 posts) -

Not presently, no. I'd really need to be convinced that the smartphone makes Watch Dogs a substantially different gameplay experience from, say, GTAV. From all I've seen so far, it doesn't seem like that's the case, but only time will tell, I guess.

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God I hope so, I want to want for games on the new systems, I really hope the PS4 version is mediocre and my Laptop (while won't run on ultra) runs it better, that will be disappointing.

#77 Posted by FATMANGOBOOM (6 posts) -

WOW shocked at how everyone is about the little bump down in graphics... can you play Ubisoft... I don;t think they were expecting this much attention for one, The largest point is that it is in the middle of a transition of a generation and they need up adding more systems because of the popularity it was getting...

Watchdogs is now being made for every system including calculator watches...

With that... I think it is going to be a fantastic game and shock a lot of people at how good it is. A lot of work went into this game and I am looking forward to playing. Going to get on the PS4 off the PSN. I think it is going to well worth the money I know it is really a gamble cause if it is a crap game i can't even trade it in... That said. Ubisoft for me has been on fire... I have been shocked at how well there games have been and how much fun I have been having with them... AC4 was awesome Child of Light was amazing, even Rayman Legends was Fantastic it was for my son but I was shocked at how good it looked and how much fun it was to play.

So I am looking forward and going on a little bit of faith... that said I think it is going to do very well...

#78 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1570 posts) -

Doubt it. The sick side of me is secretly hoping that it's utter garbage.

#79 Posted by Vuud (2052 posts) -

It sure sounds like a neat and original setting, sort of, it mostly reminded me of the original idea they had for Splinter Cell: Conviction before they totally overhauled that game.

But how can I expect anything other than the usual Ubisoft cookie-cutter open world boredom?

#80 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1109 posts) -

I've rapidly lost interest as time has passed and it's been revealed to be more and more about shooting dudes and less about the hacking stuff that sold me on it in the first place. I'll probably pick it up when it's around $20 on Steam, but definitely not for full price.

#81 Posted by Blommer4 (225 posts) -

I lost interest and I was like "meeeeeh" after a while, but with the recent 101 trailer they put out I have to say I'm really looking forward to it! I think it looks incredibly fun and cool and I'm fairly sure I'll get it day 1 unless the reviews call the game utter trash. I am, though, very splitted on wether to get PS4 or PC... May end up getting i for both

#82 Posted by Fattony12000 (7969 posts) -

I'll get it on PS+ in a year and half.

#83 Posted by natedynamic (68 posts) -

@bluewolverine: That's a lot of vitriol over a game. Enough to hope that people are disappointed. Yeesh.

#84 Posted by Glottery (1512 posts) -

Not on release, at least. Wolfenstein (and likely Transistor as well) will keep me busy for a good while, I hope. Unless the QL makes it seem super awesome and I just have to buy it.

Once again confused by some people hoping this'll be hot garbage, because...I don't know, even. Guess I missed the memo about games ending up terrible being a really good thing for gamers?

#85 Posted by Franstone (1230 posts) -

I pre-ordered at the Microsoft Store and got a $15 Live gift card.
If it ends up being absolutely horrible I can always trade it in for at least $20 in the following weeks.
$25 to run around in a new open world on a new console?
Sure, why the hell not?
Expecting it to at least be a little fun.

#86 Posted by DwigtK (281 posts) -

I am looking forward to it, but I really want to see the Quick Look for it before I go drop my money.

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Hard to say. I was never really blown away by that initial reveal the way everyone else was (a lot of people were acting like it was the most mind-blowing game reveal ever but it's like, a GTA-clone with hacking sooooooo) but it definitely looks fun, if nothing else. The multiplayer looks kind of terrible to me personally, but the single-player looks like it'll be right up my alley.

Definitely waiting on reviews though.

#88 Posted by Nasar7 (3003 posts) -

Nope, it looks very mediocre.

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It better be... i just bought the PS4 Watch_Dog bundle, not really because of the game though, just because the PS4 is sold out everywhere where i live, and i'm tired of waiting.

#90 Posted by project343 (2881 posts) -

I've been growing really tired of GTA clones lately. I just don't know if the narrative or the hacking will spice up that formula enough to make it an enjoyable experience for me, personally.

I imagine you'll see a 10 hour campaign, 20 additional hours of side stuff to do, and some tacked on multiplayer content; does that sound like a solid value proposition? Probably. I just don't expect Ubisoft to vary up the mission structure enough or line the content with compelling writing (the lead writer certainly doesn't have the greatest pedigree).

You're better served grabbing Transistor and/or The Last of Us, I'd imagine. That said, we're really light on AAA titles until the Fall, so maybe this is the perfect thing to wet your big-budget noodle until then.

#91 Posted by Karthas (125 posts) -

Open world sandboxy games are my jam lately, I just recently platinum'd (is that a verb? it should be) Sleeping Dogs so I need more Dogs in my life. It'll also be fun to be in a city that isn't on one of the coasts for once, and one that I've been to multiple times at that. Can't wait for the open-world sandbox Robocop game so other folks will get to see how fun it is here in Detroit. My god, that actually sounds like fun- someone get Lang on the phone! I'm having visions of a map with little drug icons to bust up some drug deals, and little exploding penis icons for busting up attempted rapes.

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Looks like a fun open world game, and I'm always down for those if they manage to be solid on the gameplay front and offer a world worth being in.

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Gamefly... glad I got it.

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