does remote play on the Vita work well?

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I have had a Vita for a while and because of Destiny I am considering a new console. I loved my 360 and was considering the XBO but my new love affair with my PSV has made me consider a ps4 instead. The remote play for me is a big draw because I have a kid so sitting still in one part of the house is a little difficult, also I usually like to play my vita in bed for about an hour before a I go to sleep every night. If anyone has any real world experience with the remote play function and really anything good or bad about the console it would be much appreciated.

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It worked like absolute garbage for me at first: dropped frames, poor latency, and awful visuals. I just thought it was broken and didn't mess with for a long time. Finally, I wanted to see what the problem was. Doing some research keyed me onto a way to turn off the option for the PS4 to connect to the Vita via Wi-Fi and instead just connect directly. That fixed all my issues and it actually works quite nicely now. My router does suck, though, so maybe a better one would work fine with the Wi-Fi?

It plays pretty smoothly and looks decent. My one complaint is that the controls are a bit touchy, since one set of triggers AND the stick buttons are mapped to the back touch screen, which can be too easy to brush against. I won't use it often, but it's a nice option.

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for 30fps games it works pretty solid, 60 fps games is a little issue.

but generally speaking stuff is very playable.

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It works shockingly well. I wouldn't play any games that require precision timing and reflexes on it, but for most games it does the trick. Games with non-critical functions mapped to R2/L2/R3/L3 are also a plus, since the touchpad/screen will replace those buttons when playing on the Vita.

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Input lag is way more noticeable in some games than others, so your milage may vary depending on the type of game you play. For instance, I found InFamous totally playable but Mercenary Kings and Resogun were both a bit too unresponsive to be enjoyable.

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Personally I find everything unplayable on it, even with direct connect I feel the lag is unbearable, I had high hopes for it seeing how great the Wii U gamepad is, but it doesn't come close.

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It isn't perfect in the slightest, but it's workable for most games. I played infamous SS on it a few times and it worked well. Stuff like trials/resogun? Not so much.

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Yeah I find it depends on the game, FPS is near unplayable with the single set of triggers and small sticks, though I find ACIV to be great over remote play.

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I've played many hours via remote play, and I love it. When I do get performance issues, I just restart my connection and typically I'm good to go. I may end up getting a Vita TV if it works as a sorta router for it.

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I play Final Fantasy XIV on it all the time. Its good stuff.

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It is seriously fantastic. I use Remote Play while in bed and my PS4 is about 12 feet away, so I'm not far. I've not had any issues with it that I wasn't able to fix pretty easily and when everything is working the way it should it is kind of like being in the future. Picture quality is fantastic and input lag is not noticeable to me unless I'm playing something like Battlefield 4, and even then I hardly notice or care.

I've used it to play many games, most work great but there were a few that had button set ups that made them really tough to play with the Vita. Here's my (and my girlfriends) experience on some games over Remote Play;

  • Don't Starve: My girlfriend used remote play for this a lot and she found it very playable.
  • NBA 2K14: Playable over remote play but just barely. This game requires a ton of buttons which means a bunch of stuff mapped to the touchpad. Ugh.
  • Resogun: Damn near perfect over Remote Play. No issues for me.
  • Tiny Brains: Played through the whole game with Remote Play. Perfecto!
  • KNACK: Worked perfectly. It's just not very fun...

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It has been really poop in my experience, both in terms of image quality and playability. With Wi-Fi it was literally unusable (it would disconnect every 40 seconds or so) and with a direct connection there was still noticeable input lag.

With the way I had heard it talked up by some people i was expecting the same quality that the Wii U delivers. It is not even close.

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It's entirely your mileage may vary but it works a charm for me either at home or in my girlfriends house.

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At home, on the same network as my PS4 it works great. Equal to the Wii U anywhere in my apartment.

For wi-fi connections, it needs a really clean and low latency connection to work well, though if you're playing something that is turn based where dropped frames aren't as problematic, it may be fine. Don't expect it to work on public networks, or on networks where a whole pile of devices are connected.

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So, this really depends on how strong your Wi-Fi connection is, which is a given. Vita Remote Play is a neat idea, i've rarely used it apart from the times that i just wanted to try it. The cap of 30fps will make it jarring to play 60fps games, for example i loaded up FFXIV on Remote Play and just couldn't stand the jaggedness of the movement. For 30fps games, it's a dream and works flawlessly, expect instances of input lag. Resogun for example is a little bit more difficult to play on Remote Play because of the latency, I think it's ideal for RPGs and slower paced games however.

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Open world games are brilliant for it, as the latency isn't as obvious. Conversely, FPS games are terrible.

I've used it via the internet from a different city before and everything performed surprisingly well. WatchDogs and Black Flag were more than playable.

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I use the Vita in the same room as the PS4 when the TV is otherwise engaged.

It works really well, even for fiddly games like Black Flag.

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Played Battlefield 4 using remote play. Infantry stuff was fine but the vehicle stuff: Not so much

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It works pretty well but i don't think it works for something that requires fast reflexes or no lag inputs. I use it often for non intense game play that does not depend on fast actions.

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Well, I have found this thread entirely helpful. Thanks OP!

While I do not plan to ever get a Vita, I am interested in streaming the PS4 to another tv in the house and so I found the Playstation TV interesting. But I imagine that this device runs on the same exact architecture as the Vita itself does.

I've heard really good things about how well the Shield works. Sony needs to either pair up with Nvidia for this or just license their damn software/hardware combo.

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I use it quite a bit, played most of stick it to the man on via remote play, and quite a lot of Fez. There's a bit of delay, enough to not really make it feasible for some games, and the use of touch as a replacement for the missing buttons (triggers and stick clicks) makes me want to never play any games that rely on those inputs on it ever. Just doesn't feel good.

All in all it works much better than I thought it would when I got my PS4, it's not quite playing Wii U games on the gamepad, but it works well.

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Big, big fan of Remote Play. Just a shame there's no L2 & R2 buttons on the Vita. Been rearranging my house lately so the Wi-Fi reaches out into the garden so I can play and Drink, oooo yeah!!

Edit: I recently away to holland on a holiday and was able to connect to the Wifi and Remote Play. Which was an awesome experience, internet wasn't great there, but as some one above mentioned it works better with slower paced games.

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Works well for me. Played most of the destiny beta with it. Played almost all of Lego marvel with it as well.

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I've never been able to get it to work over Wifi, but locally it works just fine.

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It works fine for me when I'm in the same room as my PS4, but as soon as I walk down the hall it turns to shit. Since I don't have to share my TV with anyone it's pretty useless for me, but if you were in a busy household with a lot of TV demand I could see the value.

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Works great for me. Just don't try to play competitive multiplayer with it and you'll be fine.

I probaby put 30-40 hours of remote play into FFXIV and it works well. Sailing and missions in AC: Black Flag were manageable and even Battlefield 4 works well despite missing the second pair of analog sticks. I'm hoping more companies allow for key customization in the future.

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I played a decent amount of infamous doing this and it worked pretty well, I just found that depending on how some games map the shoulder buttons / triggers it can make or break it. I remember Warframe being unplayable this way.

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i've only tested it a little bit with Infamous while sitting on the couch just to see how it was. It worked well enough, though when battles started getting intense I was definitely noticing the latency/lower frame rate. I wouldn't be opposed to using it more if i needed to, but the tv is usually free so why not just play on the big screen?

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