Does the PS4 read the disc while you play?

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I have made all my purchases on my PS4 digital so far and was wondering what using a disc is like. Can I install the game off the disc and only use it for an ownership check at the game's startup? When I used to have a 360 I got so annoyed at listening to the disc running and being read all the time. I like the quiet and was wondering what the console does while playing physical discs. Thanks in advance!

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I believe the disc does still spin while in the drive. I'm sure some games are different from others depending on what they actually install onto the hard drive and what's still being read off the disc.

I will say both the PS4 and One are considerably quieter than their older counterparts. I only hear my One when watching a quite movie or TV show and even then it's a rarity. Neither are whisper quiet but they aren't airplanes taking off either.

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It still reads data off the disc. I love that install feature on the 360 but it had a smaller medium to deal with. Installations on the PS4 seem to be there to reduce load times but not eliminate reading from the disc entirely.

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The disc does spin but I don't think it actually reads any game data off of it. It's probably spinning it to make sure the disc is still in there.

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Installing off the disc son a PS4 just means it will need to read LESS off the disc. The disc is still needed for quick data exchanges, but some of the larger files are offloaded onto the HDD to speed things up, but you still need the disc and its data. If you want less media drive spinning than buy downloadable; and that will increase your HDD spinning of course.

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