Experience with PS4 interface under whichever circumstance applies to you.

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Poll: Experience with PS4 interface under whichever circumstance applies to you. (34 votes)

Swapped out Hard Drive for a bigger HD 3%
Swapped out HD for SSD 0%
Swapped out HD for Hybrid 9%
Using default Hard Drive 88%

I will be getting a PS4 in the coming week and I would like to know how the PS4 preforms. What really got me thinking was the tested episode where it showed the load times. I began to wonder if I just use the default Hard Drive will the interface be clunky. Is the Hybrid or SSD really worth the investment to experience true next gen? Or is it not that big of a deal? I look forward to reading your stories with your PS4 and your hard drive choice.

Thanks in advance!

#1 Posted by spookytapes (283 posts) -

Seems really fast to me with just the standard Hard Drive.

#2 Edited by spraynardtatum (4071 posts) -

The interface is really fast with the standard hard drive. I haven't noticed any kind of stuttering or anything.

#3 Posted by cloudymusic (1421 posts) -

I might switch out the hard drive if the space ever becomes a problem, but I'm sort of skeptical that it will anytime soon. The speed has been fine.

#4 Edited by RoyaleWifCheese (569 posts) -

I bought a TB hard drive for under $100 and swapped it out before I even had the system powered on for the first time. You might get better load times from a hybrid. Mine's just a 7,200 rpm standard disc drive compared to the 500 GB 5,400 rpm drive that I pulled out of it.

I have no frame of reference for how the old drive would have performed, but I've been satisfied with the UI speed and the load times.

#5 Edited by EdgeKasey (210 posts) -

UI seems snappy enough for me at the moment, as others have said...when space becomes an issue i will no doubt upgrade to a better drive. How much better will depend on how much money I wanna blow for shits and giggles at that moment :P

#6 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -

You know I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right now I'm feeling okay with my 500GB HDD.

#7 Posted by Sammo21 (4226 posts) -

Before I even booted up the system for the first time I installed a 1TB hybrid. I don't need all that space immediately but when I do I don't want to worry about transferring any data of any kind.

Everything with the UI works perfectly fine for me. There are tweaks for the UI that I would like but I have been impressed how well the system have worked for being a launch system. I don't feel like I wasted my money.

#8 Posted by AlchemistZer0 (66 posts) -

I think i'll just stick with the default for now sounds like its fine. Side note for those which received defective consoles, how was your experience with Sony and their repair process. I switching over from a 360 so I have no idea how Sony does things. Fast repair? Phone customer service? Just curious if anyone has any stories to share.

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