Final Fantasy XIV not on gamefly

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so i just saw this was for ps4 but i cant find it anywhere to rent on game fly yet , i know they also have some games on game fly with no official release date so what gives?

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Gamefly is still a thing?

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FFXIV requires a subscription, right? I wonder if maybe Gamefly won't rent out subscription-based MMOs. Did they ever rent any of the console versions of XI?

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could actually be why i notice u cant rent out elder scrolls online either even tho i dont understand why not since it does have an offline mode even tho the beta was a major disappointment. also could be bethesda is a greedy company and i know when i rent through gamefly i get a nice discount and they probably didnt want that

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@blazkowicz64: Or it could be the fact that mmos are registered to the console they are first used on. After that the disc is useless and a new registration key would be needed.

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FFXIV (and pretty much every MMO that requires you to purchase the game up-front) uses a registration key that comes with each new purchase of the game in order to create your account. Therefore, renting the game or buying a used copy will do you no good, and will cause you to end up with a useless disc that you can't do anything with.

Also, the PS4 version isn't out until April. (The PS4 beta starts next week, though.)

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Hahaha, seriously TC? Come on, spend that gerbil wheel of a thinker and think about it...

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