GB Live Show on the 20th?

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Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, but are there any plans by the crew to hold a live show covering the PlayStation event this Wednesday? I know Jeff is attending it, but it would be awesome if the others were commentating the event from the GB office.

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There is going to be a live stream for all, and what is this IGN

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I kind of hope they do what they did with the konami e3 thing awhile back. They could play some PS3 games while waiting for the stream.

#4 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

@damisterchief: I'm well aware of the official stream of it. Not quite sure regarding your IGN comment, but if you're trying to make fun of me, good on you!

@hockeymask27: Yeah, exactly! Watching the stream with Ryan, Brad, Vinny and Patrick commentating would be awesome.

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Jeff's gonna be on the Gametrailers stream. Starts an hour before the event I belive

*edit* And I just saw on the frontpage that GB is indeed doing something aswell. Hyped!

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Will be watching the livestream on GB tonight along with the Sony conference. Will be interesting to hear what they have to say, though whenever I've watched game journalists talk about announcements they're usually pretty negative just because they can be which bums me out. Remember catching the Gametrailers stream a couple of E3's ago and all they did watch bitch and moan, not saying GB crew are like that however.

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