getting ps4 for christmas

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see you all on killzone and call of duty

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You'll be disappointed with Killzone. I was.

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I was going to get one as soon as my Best Buy got more stock (I got BB giftcards I want to use towards it), but now I think I'll wait until infamous. I'd like at least 2 full AAA games that Im interested in before jumping at it. Right now Ass Creed 4 is the only game that I want to play on that system, and that isnt enough for me. By the time infamous is out Ass Creed will be super cheap anyway.

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@marcsman said:

You'll be disappointed with Killzone. I was.

I disagree. I really didn't like KZ2 much and am still sitting on 3 because I didn't feel like playing more of that game. I actually enjoyed KZ:Shadowfall. It definitely had its shortcomings, but overall I liked it. I'm actually hoping for another Killzone game now and hopefully they expand on what they've done with this one. I like this direction but the game felt a bit stunted, like they could have done more. The owl is a cool idea that could have been expanded on. I'm also hoping for more fully open world shooters this gen. Not a game to get the system for, but if you're getting the system I'd say it's a game you should get.

Now, if you're talking about the MP I got nothing. I played it for like 20 minutes, but I'm not a multiplayer guy. Trying to get into Battlefield but I just keep going back to Ni No Kuni on my PS3 lol.

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I wish my parents loved me enough to get me things for Christmas, too.

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