has anyone found 1080P trailers/media yet?

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Guessing all those games shown at the event yesterday did run at 1080p.

I'd really like to see sony release those demos for download at that native resolution.

Has anyone found anything on the net yet? And i dont mean something ripped of a stream or youtube with horrible compression.
I'm talking "what is this going to look like when i play it on my tv"-quality

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haven't found anything yet. I would also love to watch those demos in 1080p

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I noticed eurogamer/digital foundry were talking about a presskit with 4K screenshots and high quality video.

I'd love to get my hands on that.

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Anyone know where I can watch the conference without commentary? Playstation.com is just looping the conference so I have no idea when I should start watching.

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Any update on this?!

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Well i found some press assets, including a 1,1 GB 1 min trailer for killzone @1080P ( not the event gameplay unfortunately, but i decided to include a the highest quality version of that, that i could get a hold on as well, if anyone would be interested, the option is there to get it. ), some art for several games, screenshots etc.

Made a little torrent so that you can just pick the parts you want, i'll be seeding for a couple of days.


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Gamersyde uploads video as they get them; they do not reencode or modify them in any way.

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