HDMI switcher.

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Could someone please recommend a HDMI switcher you can buy on amazon (uk) that works with the ps4? My tv only has one HDMI port and I have been using a switcher for a while, but it does not work with the ps4. At first I thought it had broken but after I googled it, it seems other people are having this issue. I would prefer one that doesn't have to be plugged into a power source as well as the tv, any help would be appreciated.

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This one works for me. I got it about a year ago and it was only $3 then. I don't know why the price went up so much.

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@spraynardtatum: It's probably due to the devalued US dollar vs the Chinese yuan. The floating exchange rate has been plummeting over the last year or two.

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@spraynardtatum: Thanks for the link! It's currently on sale for $9.30, but I rather pay that than damn near $40.

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The Portta looks great. If you do decide to be okay with an outlet adapter the Kinivo has been great for me. I enjoy the auto switch of the Kinivo.

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i currently use this 4x2 switch

tho i bought it from Monoprice.com at the time since it was cheaper at the time and it has their name on it as the brand its still the same thing, been using it for bout 5-6 months now and have 360 ps3 and now a ps4 hooked to it.

i run it to an asus 27in monitor and to my samsung 40in tv ...can run the signal to both at once or can split it so i can run any of my 3 systems to either monitor if i want to play something while someone else wants to play on another system i have

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Why doesn't it work?

Is it because it is standard HDMI and as such doesn't support 1080p?

@somejerk said:

I'm using the cheapest possible 3x1 and successfully: http://dx.com/p/mini-4-port-1080p-hdmi-switch-3-in-1-out-113720

$6.60, passively powered, auto-switching.

I actually just ordered that one yesterday, and was wondering how the auto-switching works, does it detect activity, and how does that work if two system are running simultaneously?

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I almost got one last year (I think) but waited, spotting the prices go up so much was slightly odd but oh well.

Mines a simple 3 into 1 with auto-detect but has a button for manual change. I assume if there were 2 devices I might have to get up and press that.

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@scampbell: If two or three systems are actively sending out live HDMI you'll have to reach for the button on the box unless you shut other systems down. If I'd had the need to, I would have hacked it open and added an extension cable for the switch button.

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@somejerk said:

@scampbell: If two or three systems are actively sending out live HDMI you'll have to reach for the button on the box unless you shut other systems down. If I'd had the need to, I would have hacked it open and added an extension cable for the switch button.

Also if the system is putting out an "always on or live" signal, like the xbox one does in standby and possible the ps4 when standby hits, it will not switch on its own even if one is "off".

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Kinivo makes great HDMI switchers

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I use the Kinivo 501BN, it's 5 port high speed HDMI switch that works great for me so far with my Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. I bought this from Amazon.com, but I would imagine it's probably available in the UK as well.

The hub auto-switches to the most recently powered on device that's plugged into it, and you can manually switch (of course) to any of the plugged in devices using a button on the switch or using the included remote.

This switch does require a separate AC adapter.

I tried out a few cheaper models first, and didn't have much success in getting them to work with my PS3 and Xbox 360. I was pleased to see this this particular switch works well with all 3 of my systems.

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@killer_meatballs: I ended up ordering this one, and it's works great thank you very much.

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Xbox one

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I heard Microsoft released a $500 television remote that as hdmi in and out you may want to look into that.

Then again you could get a nice new TV for that so maybe not.

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@pompouspizza: @barrock: @killer_meatballs: @spraynardtatum: Hi All,

Can I clarify something super basic here - So the consensus is that you do not need a powered switcher to run several consoles and PC through the same switcher?

Several people have posted unpowered switchers that they are using, so this would seem to be the case, but could someone currently using an unpowered (passive) switcher please confirm that they work with consoles (ps4 in particular)? About to pull the trigger on one and want to confirm.

Thanks guys

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