How expensive is that controller going to be?

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I noticed how advanced and fancy the new PS4 controller was, but this also made me think that the price of one would be fairly steep too. Does anyone have info of this? it would be a downer to be paying $100 for a controller.

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Sixty smackers.

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If you go to a store that sells them, and bring 3 twenty dollar bills, you might be able to trade them in for a playstation 4 controller.

Also, bring like 6-8% of that depending on your state to bribe him with.

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60? that's only $10 dollars more but then again the PS3 controller was expensive to begin with.

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it would be a downer to be paying $100 for a controller.


who would do such a thing?!

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I typically just buy the official controllers for any system. Then again I never shop at Wal-mart, Target or Gamestop so I don't even see most of the knock off controllers that must exist. I wonder how the knock-off companies will deal with the controllers becoming more complex and sensor filled?

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Sixty smackers.

Cor blimey!

The exact same price as the new xbox controller.

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@acer51: It is $10 more than the PS3 controller, yes. It is also the same price as the XBO controller.

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New gamepad has a high-resolution touchpad, which is going to add to the cost. Yeah, it's pricey, but gamepads for consoles always are. What the system makers lose on the core system, they quickly make up in peripheral sales.

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Have there been any games announced with local coop? I cancelled my second controller pre-order, because why spend 60 bucks for a controller that is not going to be used for a while.

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