How Important is Backwards Compatibility for PS Orbis PS4 to you as a consumer?

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Poll: How Important is Backwards Compatibility for PS Orbis PS4 to you as a consumer? (298 votes)

It's a major insensitive when considering purchasing the next PlayStation Console System 33%
I don't mind or care cause I have small library of PS3 games 67%

For me it's a major factor in general for next gen consoles to play video games from current to previous consoles

However strong rumors suggest Sony will be doing streaming PS3 video games via PS Orbis PS4 as well possibly PS1 & PS2

Which I'd be cool with if the subscription price is decent most likely streaming video games will be part of PS Plus however

But at the end of the day being able to use my PS3 discs would be nice and would help boost sells of the PS Orbis PS4

#101 Posted by Lava (726 posts) -

I have a huge library of PS3 games because it is my only console but I don't care at all. If I really want to play PS3 games, it wont be hard to hook a PS3 up especially with the HDMI switchers and such.

#102 Posted by BaneFireLord (3095 posts) -

Considering the PS4 will probably be my first Sony console, I don't care either way.

#103 Edited by Anund (1036 posts) -

This is a typical example of the wording of the options trying to skew the result of the poll. I too have a multitude of PS3 games, but no interest in backwards compatibility. I have a backwards compatible PS3. Guess what? I used that feature once since I bought it back at release.

#104 Posted by Faramir82 (84 posts) -

Has no bearing on if I get the PS4 or not.

#105 Posted by Cuddy (125 posts) -

I have alot of consoles and im not at all bothered with sony not having backwardscompability in the ps4, i can still use my old console to play those games that i want to play. and im pretty sure that will in the end fall into the category off me missing the Souls games and going back for a few hours to play em again when it comes to the ps3.

the thing i think alot of the people being pissed off at sony concerning the backwards compability, boils down to the less fortunate when it comes to the cash. i can see lots of people wanting to sell off their old ps3 to fund the ps4 and that is why they want to have backwardscompability so that they can play the select games they really liked from the ps3.

in the end im happy with what sony is doing with this coming console, especially on the hardware side the x86 will help them alot when it comes to 3rd party support. And i hope this will help boost the pc port quality that has been just awful for the most part the last two years. a increasingly depressing trend :S

#106 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -

If I know my digital games are safe, little (but still some) bearing.

#107 Posted by wwfundertaker (1476 posts) -

I have no interest in bc because im still going to have my PS3 connected for a while, just in case there is a drought in video game releases on the PS4.

#108 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

Doesn't matter since my PS3 won't suddenly disintegrate the second I buy a PS4.

#109 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

I'm actually surprised so many people are cool with this! I remember a lot of people were pretty disgusted when Nintendo announced that the Wii U wouldn't be backwards compatible with GCN games.

#110 Posted by bobafettjm (1730 posts) -

I always keep my systems anyway, so backwards compatibility is never super important to me.

#111 Edited by Lind_L_Taylor (4116 posts) -

What it means for me is that I'll never pay full price for a game no matter how bad I want it. The reason is that I don't like the idea of pissing away $60 for a damn game that you can't even play 5 years later if I so choose. Whereas, if I just stuck to playing games on a PC, I could play that game I paid $50 for, at any time I damn well please.

I've already had to shell a few bucks over to Steam just so I can have my "backwards compatible" version of several games I already own on the 360. And I paid full price for the 360 versions & they may not be BC for the next gen Xbox. I'm not even buying Xbox 360 games right now until I hear word on the BC issue from either Softy or Sorny. Otherwise, if they're not interested in it, then I have no reason to own a next gen console until the prices go down & I can just play older games or turn to Steam rather than the latest. Basically hold out until they do something less dickish. I can certainly find other interesting things to piss away my money on, such as limited edition beer.

#112 Posted by TangoUp (327 posts) -

A few years back, I could buy a Japanese made Sony product knowing that it will last years and years. But now, I had to get the 60 GB fatty repaired after just over a year and it YLOD'd with in a year of repairing it. The slim PS3 I have now is placed on 4 game cases just so it doesn't overheat but I never know when it will keel over and die. So if I knew the PS3 is going to last for a reasonable amount of time, I wouldn't really care about backwards compatibility on the PS4. But I know the PS3 will eventually fail and then what happens to my pile of games? This is also the sole reason I am going to wait for the PS4 to morph into its slimmer versions before plunging into the next gen.

Fool me once ...

#113 Posted by Protome (361 posts) -

Thinking over it, it means absolutely nothing to me.

Possibly because I've never actually owned a backwards compatible console and games for the system it's backwards compatible with before, so maybe the concept is a bit foreign to me. The only backwards compatible consoles I own are the PS2 and the Wii, when I never owned a PSOne or Gamecube.

Going from PS3 to PS4 though I just really could not care less if the PS4 is backwards compatible or not. Why should I care if the PS4 plays PS3 games? I don't want that, I want a PS4 that plays PS4 games. And if they can cut the price a little by not having compatibility with PS3 games then how is that an issue?

#114 Posted by Coolarman (1048 posts) -

Its cool to have it but its not something that the PS4 has to have for me. I still get the PS4 regardless

#115 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

I think it should be included but it's not a deal breaker. As far as i'm personally concerned, it only affects how quickly i'd buy into a new system.

I've only bought a new system once there's a handful of good games available for it (which usually coincides with a price drop or some noteworthy bundle package). Launch titles are laughably bad for the most part. At the very least, they're not really doing anything above and beyond the games on current gen consoles. So if they included BC, i'd be willing to invest earlier

#116 Posted by Turambar (7260 posts) -

I own a PS3 and a PS2, so it's not important to me in the least.

#117 Edited by Morrow (1870 posts) -

It would definately be cool, but I don't plan to abandon my PS3 anyway :)

#118 Posted by Sander (425 posts) -

I don't mind or care cause I have small library of PS3 games

Stupid to assume that if one has a large library of PS3 games, backward compatibility is a necessity.

#119 Edited by natedawg_kz (260 posts) -

If the reason you don't buy a PS4 is because it wont have backwards compatibility then your an anus of the highest calibre. Your PS3 won't vanish when you purchase a PS4.

Unless you don't actually have a PS3 or need to sell your consoles for money

#120 Posted by DystopiaX (5384 posts) -

Don't matter. Have a PS3 and more than 1 HDMI port on my TV...

#121 Posted by MethodMan008 (938 posts) -

I have a very large PS3 collection and BC is not important to me at all.

#122 Posted by Philantrophy (356 posts) -

I for one don't play a lot of games from the previous generation. Pulling out the older consoles for these few games wouldn't bother me.

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