I have a question regarding the cynicism surrounding the PS4

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I have been reading about a lot about how the PS4 seems like they are just remaking the PS3 with slightly better hardware. I even read a lot of doom and gloom before the actual press conference happened and they announced the actual thing.

Then I started to think about how almost every major technology release whether its a new console, new apple device, new microsoft tablet, etc. has always have had some sort of cynicism around it prior to its release. At least that is my perception.

So my question is do you think people naturally get cynical of things leading up to their release, or is it that news outlets like to be cynical to attract viewership?

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Different strokes for different blokes. I have loved how different outlets claim different parts of the conference were successful and shitty. There was a yahoo article that really talked up the David Cage demo and focused on that as the high point, while others are stuck being being pissed at the lack of a box being shown. I would say there is more positive news then negative out there though, and Sony must have known that of the thousands in attendance a few would not leave satisfied. I don't think they are negative attract viewers, I think they are negative because they were legitimately not impressed. The conference was great for games like us but the people from the tech industry who don't give a fuck about games were understandably disappointed that only half an hour of the two hour conference was devoted to console features.

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I'm not entirely sure where it comes from either. Honestly, the PS4 conference was really good in my eyes and made me far more excited for the console than I have been for any console for the past 3< years. It seems they learned a lot from the PS3 and are willing to change how they do things to accommodate the devs and the people who play on the console. Both in terms of hardware but also in how they regard the people using it. I have high hopes for Sony's new box.

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The ps4 confreence was awesome because they showed more than what was expected. Also people complaining that they didn't show the actual system A) you're fucking stupid for caring about that. B) E3

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I think it just depends on where you look as to what opinions you get. In some corners of the internet you'll get OMG PS4 ROCKS. Other corners will scream LOLZ PS4...MORE LIKE PSBORE...etc etc.

Existing as we do in gaming enthusiast circles there is probably naturally a little bit of cynicism simply because we are slightly burned out. Personally though im excited.

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I dunno possibly they want to convince themselves that they don't wanna buy it?

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I think one of Sony's big problems is their history of pricing.

I liked the conference, I really liked the focus on games, but I can't be bothered to think too much about it until they name their price.

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What it comes down to is people just like to complain. A lot of people, including some of the staff at Giantbomb, were sort of derisively saying that Sony would only show the PS4 for a few minutes at the end. Instead we got 2+ hours of next generation content including the controller, specs, online stuff, and a wide variety of games.

Maybe some people were just gearing up for such a negative response that they couldn't really deal with the reality that what we got was a lot more than expected? I give the GB guys credit for praising the announcement and giving Sony credit for showing us more than anyone could really expect 9 months out from launch.

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i thought the ps3 was bad before it came out last generation. and i maintained that belief for a long time. i had no reason to buy it for a long time. recently i have purchased it for its bluray capabilities, journey and ni no kuni.

i think its a failure as a console. but the blu ray player is quality, and for one of the same would be not much less .
the playstation 4 is taking the industry in all the wrong directions. i couldnt be more disgusted by the conference. and i find it disturbing that this isnt the mainstream opinion.

then again, the mainstream opinion is disturbing when it comes to a lot of things.

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I think it's the nature of the people who follow this industry that they'll nitpick anything new to death. Sony provided a brief overview about what they're doing with the console, so people are filling in the details from whatever assumptions they're making about how it will actually work. Once everyone gets their hands on the system and sees how it works, they'll likely change their tune.

For me, none of the announced features were of much interest. I want to see what network services are available, how well online multiplayer will function, and how the system interface is designed. None of those were mentioned yet, so I'm not excited about the PS4.

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That's why that video of Justin McElroy chewing out his co-workers on the verge about being assholes, made me so happy to see. I don't understand how some could watch that conference and be all negative and gloom and doom, all you can complain about is the length (2 hours) and weird people brought on (Square Enix was pointless, creepy guy from infamous presentation, car sex guy), complaining you didn't see the console is just stupid and trivial.

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I had to turn off tech news today the next day because they were crapping all over it. It was just completely unwarranted, especially since everyone's major beef is 'they didn't show the console'. They told you everything that's in it and even showed the ui, who cares what box it comes in?

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People are always cynical about everything ...

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People were expecting to have their minds blown with next gen and instead they just got a solid upgrade from what we had before. It's not going to be anything new, and we are just going to get more of what we already had with better graphics and the odd new bell and whistle. That's fine for me, but for those expecting to have their mind blown it's never going to be enough for them and it's understandable that it was a bit of a let down.

@tomorrowman: They care because having a big shiny box to plaster on the front page gets them more clicks then a controller. That's all.

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I get kind of cynical because people overhype stuff way too much, and I'd rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised than have high expectations and have my soul broken when it doesn't live up to them.

Also a lot of IPs people rave about just don't interest me at all, like Uncharted, inFamous and Killzone, so for me the conference was mostly just seemingly multiplat stuff.

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