If I were to to import a ps4 from playasia?

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Right now, im not expecting the ps4 to be out in the uk til after christmas.

In case this is true, I would like to know from anyone who has imported a console from playasia before whether its a good service in general and more importantly whether they factor in cutsoms and that whole nasty import tax into the price they sell a console for.

I would like to know in advance whether I would have to take care of the import tax or not.

I know im jumping the gun by about 9 months here but I would like to plan for the possibility its not released in the uk before christmas.

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We don't even know if it is region free yet.

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Customs tax is rarely factored in before hand and importing something that size, weight and that's likely to be around £400 would be slapped with a ridiculous amount of import tax.

Even if it's region free, you'd be better off waiting 'till next year (assuming we have to wait).

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@hidys said:

We don't even know if it is region free yet.

I hope it is. The region stuff for the PS3 was fairly well done. But if they made it completely region free all together, that would be great. Although that is doubtful.

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Play Asia provide a good service, I've used them a bunch of times without issue (mainly for games), they do not factor in customs charges. For giggles let's say they go with a $599 price tag, plus play asia shipping costs.

Customs would definitely stop your package as they're pretty on the ball with anything big over £20 or so. Anyway, for that price you'd probably be charged around £80 in VAT (rounded to a nice whole number 20% of £400) and a £10-£20 admin fee. So you'd be looking at £500+ and a lengthy wait (2-3 weeks) for customs to give you details of the package for you to be able to pay them.

But as everyone else has said, no one knows how much it'll cost and if it'll be region free yet. So I'd not worry about it yet either.

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