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Has anyone tried it?

Language towards Sony in the pastebin text is unusually vulgar, and I'd bet that Playsation response via DM is fake. What company would respond with vague threats and smiley faces?

Update: As @jimmyfenix points out the DMs are over the 140 character limit. Lol. Guess the jailbreak could still be real? In any case, installing this sounds like a terrible idea, especially if you ever want to get on PSN again.

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Hmm, interesting. Personally I'd avoid it...

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@minivan: the DM`s are fake. Sony went over the 140 chracter limit! Also they misspell some words.

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Can't say about the exploit but those DMs look fake as fuck.

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Hilariously bad fake DMs.

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Oh brother...

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Discussing circumvention of copy protection and piracy - and linking to sites that are involved with it - is prohibited. Please read the rules carefully before posting any further topics on the forums.

Links have been edited out, even though they were clearly fakes.


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