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#51 Posted by yakov456 (1965 posts) -

Try Kmart. I will bet you they have some. Usually a ghost town.

#52 Posted by TIEfighter77 (87 posts) -

Walked into Best Buy with out a preorder at 10am and left 5 minutes later with one. I either got lucky or there are plenty around.

#53 Edited by DM (87 posts) -

Got mine at Target this morning.No pre order. 30 min line.But no problems.

#54 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

@jackel2072 said:

Dude Costco no one thinks to come here. We have 40 or so and have not sold a one yet lol. So if you have one in your town try it

Yet online its marked as sold out on :)

btw, any idea if costco is gonna get any sort of vita bundle?

#55 Edited by wafflez (543 posts) -

This is probably too late for this thread, but I work at a smaller target. (More specifically, the square footage of our store is small, but for the size of our store we're a higher volume. Hope that makes sense.) Most stores (at least the non city/super targets) got 8 preorder cards. These pretty much sold out the first day. We were told we would get at least the 8 for preorders. Well, we got 21 in stock. They came in cases of 3 so the idea of getting 8 is silly. I can't speak to how many other stores got, but that didn't seem like a specifically large amount compared to what other stores had. Just a little behind the scenes information.

#56 Posted by firecracker22 (591 posts) -

I'm happy to hear that so many Launch Hunts went well.

I manged to get mine at Best Buy, waiting for the midnight release. So, thankfully it worked out for me, too. It's good to hear getting one the morning of launch was a viable option for most.

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