Let's Exchange PSN IDs For PS4!

#701 Posted by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

Add me please. I have multiple games for the ps3, vita, and PS4. Gamertag: GunStringer04

#702 Posted by Revan_NL (367 posts) -

PSN ID: Revan_NL, I mostly play NBA 2K14 and Battlefield 4

#703 Posted by darkjohnny47 (152 posts) -

psn id: darkjohnny47

East Coast USA

Games: Battlefield 4, NFS Rivals, Assasin's Creed, DCU online, Blacklight


#704 Posted by Inublade (7 posts) -

ID: Inublade

Central USA

Games: a bit of everything

#705 Edited by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

So many people to add ! here is my ID again

ID: sohail4321

#706 Edited by Optix12 (648 posts) -

Recently got a ps4, currently playing ghosts and killzone, with a lot of resogun on the side. will likely get bf4/ nba 2k at some point soon

ID: Optix12
edit: should have said GMT time zone and I also have a vita/ps3

#707 Edited by bearklaw19 (101 posts) -

ID: I3randeno

East Coast

#708 Posted by Kevitivity (77 posts) -

PSN ID: kevitivity

Add me all. I'm a long time GB supporter.

#709 Posted by cyberbloke (65 posts) -

PSN ID: Cyberbloke

England GMT

Killzone, Black Flag

#710 Posted by HS_Alpha_Wolf (107 posts) -

PSN: HSAlphaWolf

TZ: US East

Games: Killzone, whatever is on PS+ and whatever else I buy

#711 Posted by Borklund (147 posts) -

PSN: BorklundSE

Sweden, so mostly European timezones, but sometimes I'm online during American hours

Games: FIFA 14, Killzone, Warframe

I'd love to have someone to play Killzone with!

#712 Edited by Tobyus (111 posts) -

Not to spam, once again, but i have so many people to add when i get my PS4 :)

#713 Posted by Theassman (34 posts) -

Finally got a hold of mine! Add me, one and all!


Playing AC, FIFA and Killzone!

#714 Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle (787 posts) -

Hey dudes,

PSN: Kbm600

Games: Resogun and any of the free-to-play stuff.

I'm not sure when I'll get some multiplayer stuff, but I'm down for suggestions and sony buds!

#715 Edited by Grimey (20 posts) -

Hello GB community! I am so glad I found this thread.

PSN: Grimey1982

I mostly play BF4, but I am thinking about jumping into DCU, Blacklight, and Warframe, too. Can't wait to join up with some fellow duders.

USA - Central Timezone

#716 Posted by Ghostvenox (8 posts) -

Please feel free to add me as well!

ID: Ghostvenox

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Games: Knack, Tomb Raider, Killzone, PS+ Games, Free to Play Games

#717 Edited by RCola (25 posts) -

Feel free to add me, my ID is RColaUAB

Central time zone

Games I have are both pinball games, PS+ games, Warframe, and (soon) Thief

#719 Posted by hibari1911 (6 posts) -

psn shiro1911

im from alberta canada so im in gmt and play abit of everything

#720 Posted by Champson (2 posts) -

PSN: jamesmnaylor

Timezone: Central US

Launch Games: Warframe, free stuff

#721 Posted by SlantedRoom (292 posts) -

PSN: T11Slantedroom


Games: Ehhh.. AC4... Ehh Don't Starve is pretty dope. I like all the benefits of ps+ but have mostly been taking advantage of it on ps3 w/ Infinite and Borderlands 2 and whatnot. Infamous 2.. 206 STAND UP WUT!!

#722 Posted by alpha_channel (5 posts) -

PSN: Sped19

Timezone: BC, PST

Games: Online Racing, so Driveclub when it's released. Haven't really played anything on-line for PS4 yet except for Resogun but played the shit out of it already and haven't picked it back up in awhile. Play all types of games though.

#723 Posted by BossmanChives (2 posts) -

PSN: yup_itz_chives

Time Zone: Eastern US

Games: All the launch shooters and assassin creed

#724 Edited by LGJ (43 posts) -

PSN ID: haxman0

Time Zone: GMT +1

Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, Killzone , Super Mother Load and the PS+ games

#725 Edited by Nodima (1553 posts) -

PSN: Nodima

Time Zone: US Central

Games: NBA 2K14, FF14 Beta, Resogun, Warframe

#726 Posted by tomgun (6 posts) -

Hey here's mine,

PSN: tom__gun (That's 2 underscores in the middle)

Time Zone: UK GMT

Games: BF4, Fifa 14, Resogun, Assassins BF, NBA 2K


I have a baby so don't have a tonne of time to game, but be good to build up a decent friends list with fellow bombers

#727 Posted by Dago (4 posts) -

always looking for cool guys and girls to just hang out with and game

PSN: Dago182

#728 Posted by sirbalin (7 posts) -

PSN: Ozymandias234

Time Zone: UK GMT

Games: Assassin's creed 4, Killzone, Warframe, Blacklight, Knack, Need for Speed, PS+ games.

#729 Posted by lb1071 (2 posts) -

im switching back to game system from pc gaming miss it so kinda a noob once again and no friends on psn so add me if u would like

psn: lb1071

us. mst

assassin's creed thief nfs madden nba 2k cod ghost

#730 Posted by Mmenard3 (3 posts) -

PSN xbiggio7x


Just BF4 PS+ and f2p for now

#731 Edited by BruceWayne133 (9 posts) -

PSN: BruceWayne133

Canada - EST

ACIV, Lego Marvel, freebies

#732 Posted by plus_eight (20 posts) -

PSN: pluseight


Battlefield 4 and Tomb Raider are it for me at the moment. Always need more squad mates!

#733 Edited by Zrais (164 posts) -

Add me! None of my friends have a ps4. It's lonely!

ID: Zraisfury

Time zone:Arizona

#734 Posted by dsouvannarath (61 posts) -

I want all the friends!!!

Psn- dsouvannarath


#735 Posted by PrisonMike (5 posts) -

I've posted in this thread or another with same objective....I want GB friends!

PSN: prisonmike

Timezone....EST most of the time but I travel so hit me up!

#736 Posted by Kevitivity (77 posts) -

PSN: kevitivity


AC4. BF, PS+

#737 Posted by razzdrazz (93 posts) -

Bought a PS4 and realized I have no PSN friends!

PSN: razzdrazz

Pacific Time

AC4, Tomb Raider, PS+

#738 Edited by Zooey74 (56 posts) -

Just got a PS4 - have a few PSN friends but not many made the generational jump yet so add me add me add me.

PSN = Zooey74

In the UK so GMT time zone.

Games = AC4, Battlefield 4 and FIFA so far.

#739 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

PSN: rawrsair

Time Zone: England, GMT.

Games: AC4, Battlefield 4, COD: Ghosts, Dead Nation.

Mainly playing Battlefield at the moment, it would be really neat to play with a squad of duders as the Platoon is full.

#740 Posted by Stackboy (631 posts) -

Just got mine over the weekend. StackboyRoyale is my PSN ID. Currently have NFS: Rivals, AC4 and COD Ghosts. When you're adding me just let me know you're from GB.

#741 Posted by cardboardsnake (3 posts) -

PSN: adirtyburger

BF4 Pacific time usually after 6

#742 Edited by mosdl (3388 posts) -

psn: mosdl (that is an L at the end)

PST, nba2k/second son

#743 Posted by MorbidVendetta (8 posts) -

Psn: KrayzieJackson

TZ: Eastern US

Games: AC4, BF4, COD, Thief, All PS+ freebies.

Currently playing extinction Nightfall on COD and looking for more people to coordinate with.Feel free to add me!

#744 Posted by LastNinja (296 posts) -

PSN: LastNinja

Timezone: GMT

Playing Killzone MP, Resogun, Warframe and a little bit of War Thunder.

#745 Edited by Jesus_Phish (1768 posts) -

PSN: Tuimic

Tuimic: GMT

Playing: NFS, DCUO, Dead Nation. Have Killzone but haven't tried the MP yet.

#746 Posted by PSUDude66 (44 posts) -


FIFA. Madden.

#747 Posted by MrAbomination (45 posts) -

Just got my Infamous bundle, thinking 'bout getting Killzone or BF4 as well.

PSN: MrAbomination.

#748 Posted by kqedequalsvolvo (52 posts) -

PSN: kqedequalsvolvo

Based in the UK. Happy to play whatever, slim pickings on the PS4 at the moment but dabble with Killzone, FIFA 14, Resogun.

#749 Posted by Kieran_Smith5 (171 posts) -

Im going to post again for the other people in this thread Heavy-K is my PSNID add away. Newfoundland time -3.50

#750 Edited by AndyPhifer (179 posts) -

PSN: supersmashandy
Timezone: Central
Games: Resogun, Awesomenauts

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