Let's Exchange PSN IDs For PS4!

#801 Posted by headshot2391 (69 posts) -

PSN: Headshot2391

Time Zone: utc +9:30

Games: Basically all of them so far that have some aspect of multiplayer, looking forward to wolfenstein, Watch dogs, The Order,

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#803 Posted by gaminghooligan (1697 posts) -

I need friends you guys... psn: xH00LI64Nx

Anyone still play killzone?

#804 Posted by SquigglyElf (42 posts) -

PSN: Squigglyelf

Timezone: Central

Games: I've got Battlefield, Trials, Child of light and some free PSN+ stuff. If anyone wants to play some Battlefield, hit me up. I'm hoping to get Second Son and Assassin's Creed soonish.

#805 Posted by alishcra (67 posts) -

Psn: alishcra

timezone: pacific time

games: assassin creed, Trials, Child of light, octodad and etc.

#806 Edited by Zao (134 posts) -

PSN: Mr Boydee

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time

Games: Mercenary Kings, Resogun, Watch dogs, Etc

#807 Edited by HiMyNameIsGandalf (7 posts) -

Psn: IluvtheWNBA

Time Zone: GMT +1

Games: KZsf, InfamousSecondSon, Trials, MgsVGZ

If you are looking for Destiny or TLOU players for the future, hit me up! Just leave me a message so I know you're from GiantBomb ;)

#808 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -

Just picked up a PS4.

PSN: Zombienutz

Games: All PS+ stuff right now. Currently trying out Mercenary Kings and have Watch Dogs on order. If you message me, just let me know you're a GB duder!

#809 Posted by cabrit_sans_cor (151 posts) -

PSN: gknight4220

Time Zone: CST

Games: Resogun, Infamous, Mercenary Kings

#810 Posted by neckface (66 posts) -


Playing bf4 currently, getting watchdogs soon too.

Always down for some giant bomb duders, just let me know if you message me

#811 Edited by bpriller (28 posts) -

Transitioning from xbox to PS4 and need some friends - especially because of all the social stuff, like treasure and ships in AC4.

PSN: rorshac

Timezone: CST

Games: Watch_Dogs, Playing AC4, PS+ Stuff, looking to maybe getting into BF4

Just mention GB duder.


#812 Posted by conmulligan (1079 posts) -

Just got a PS4 after pulling the trigger on an Xbox One last year.

PSN: conmulligan

Timezone: GMT

Games: Battlefield 4, Mercenary Kings

#813 Posted by DriveupLife (1147 posts) -

PSN: Driveuplife

Timezone: Eastern US

Games: Um....Blacklight? I'll get watch underscore dogs when it comes out probably.

#814 Posted by DriveupLife (1147 posts) -

PSN: Driveuplife

Timezone: Eastern US

Games: Um....Blacklight? I'll get watch underscore dogs when it comes out probably.

#815 Posted by Drakir (27 posts) -

Need friends to play online with!

Games: Fifa 14. Marvel super heroes. killzone shadow fall. AC black flag. PS+ games.

Psn Drakir79

GMT +1 Sweden 35 year old fart.

#816 Edited by L33T_HAXOR (499 posts) -


Games -- Occasionally BF4. Will probably get Watch_Dogs next week. Will hopefully get into AC4 and Trials Fusion eventually.

Time Zone: Eastern USA

#817 Posted by jsnyder82 (781 posts) -

PSN ID = jsnyder82

#818 Edited by DrPanic (2 posts) -

PSN ID - Gremlyn86

Timezone GMT, living in sunny old England!

Picking up watchdogs in a few hours time, so am super hype for that! Otherwise I play a lot of Ubisoft games and they seem to be all the ones with the social intergration, but all in all, I'd just love to pad out my mighty friends list (Of currently 30 people.)

#819 Posted by Zao (134 posts) -

PSN ID - Mr-Boydee

Timezone GMT


#820 Posted by Blue_Cube (189 posts) -

PSN ID - Blue_Cube

Timezone - GMT + 1

Games: Assassin's Creed 4, War Thunder. Warframe maybe? Haven't sunken enough time in that game to know if I like it.

#821 Edited by thatdutchguy (1294 posts) -

PSN ID: Eriko1989

TimeZone EST

I only got Watch Dogs, gonna get BF4.

Got PS4 and PS3

#822 Posted by product500 (3 posts) -


PSNID: Product500

TZ: EST (GMT -4)

Games: Battlefield 4, more on the way

Looking to chat with people while playing games.

#823 Posted by GRSonic (4 posts) -

PSN: GRS0n1c

Time Zone: CEST/CET

Games: Killzone Shadow Fall, Trials Fusion, any of those PS+ games if possible. And possibly Destiny and TLoU PS4 in the future.

#824 Edited by superpapergun (104 posts) -

I've added a bunch of you but anyone please feel free to add me, I'm on quite a bit. Just looking for some people to game with as I'm coming over from the 360. I just got a PS4 for my 26th birthday.

PSN: superpapergun

Timezone: PST

Games: AC4, PS+ Games, Warframe, will definitely be getting Destiny and The Last of Us

#825 Posted by StevetheRadroach (74 posts) -

PSN: v6c__ (2 underscores)

Timezone: Central US

Games: BF4, all plus games, FIFA 14

#826 Posted by mrtaste (24 posts) -



#827 Posted by Sergio (2573 posts) -

PSN: SB75_

Timezone: Pacific

I have a PS3, PS4, and Vita, so there's most likely some games others own that I own too.

#828 Posted by Solh0und (1950 posts) -

PSN: Solh0und

Time zone: Central

Games: Mercenary Kings,BF4,AC4,Warframe.

#829 Edited by Aufinator (2 posts) -

PSN: Aufinator

Current Time Zone: GMT + 1

Games: Killzone, BF4, WarFrame, Blacklight: Retribution, Resogun, DCUO, NFS: Rivals.

#830 Posted by wenis (50 posts) -

I just like an active "What's New" feed. I'll play anything honestly, but not many currently are multi-player (until I get my Destiny code)

PSN: louie117

just mention Giantbomb in the message.

#831 Posted by A_Faceless_Name (118 posts) -


I mostly play co-op games. Kind of grew tired of competitive, aside from a random Battlefield 4 match.

#832 Edited by TheFridge (106 posts) -

I have had a PS4 since launch and have no friends...I'm lonely :(

PSN: TheFridgeGC

Timezone: Australia East

#833 Posted by JakeBalsagna (15 posts) -

PSN: JakeBalsagna81

Games: All of them

Timezone: EST

Xbox Live name is the same

#834 Edited by erikmb (19 posts) -

PSN: erikmb

Timezone: GMT

#835 Posted by primalmaster (91 posts) -

Have had a PS4 since launch also have a PS3, kinda getting sick of seeing all these co-op games but having no one to play them with.


Timezone: GMT+1

#836 Edited by nasp (584 posts) -

i have a ps3 and will get a ps4 when more games come out.



if a game is coming out chances are ill buy it day one or soon after.got lots of games on ps3 to play as well.

#837 Edited by evanomeara (95 posts) -

mine is evanom2003

timezone GMT, I work late shift work sometimes so can be playing at anytime depends on when I am finished work

Feel free to add me, mostly play single player but will play multi now and again if need people to play.

#838 Posted by thehadricus (3 posts) -

PSN: hadricus

Timezone: Perth, Western Australia (+8 GMT)

PS3, PS4, Vita. I'm on whenever I get a chance, or whenever there's a game out that I'm interested in. Like Destiny, Asscreed Unity, and Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Would love to play vidya games with some duders.

#839 Posted by Tobyus (110 posts) -

Just got my PS4 :D :D So happy. The only game i have that im gonna play online is BF4.

Timezone: GMT+1

Games: BF4, for now

Gamertag: PinBawL

#840 Posted by llamaegg (232 posts) -

PSN: Llama_egg

Timezone: Mountain

I've had PSN for too long without friends, please be my friends. I'll shoot things for you in Destiny. That's what best buds do right?

#841 Posted by codesmagodes (3 posts) -

PSN: codEsmagodes

Timezone: central

I have a solid 2 people in my friends list. Feel free to add me, I'm on all the time.

#842 Edited by quadracer131 (34 posts) -

PSN: quadracer131

Timezone: mountain

Play a wide variety of games, mostly single player, but do enjoy some duder-op from time to time. Lez go

#843 Posted by DistilledBlade (8 posts) -

PSN: DadusFly

Time zone: Australian Eastern

Burdened with a lack of online friends, let's have some fun! I'm using motion controls!

#844 Posted by JordanaRama (254 posts) -

Just got a PS4, could use some people to play with.

PSN: Jordanaramma

Time Zone: Eastern

Im pretty open to games. Probably gonna get battlefield soon.

#845 Posted by nycsteve (12 posts) -

PSN: Cryptosteve187

Time Zone: Eastern

Im pretty open to anything. I might have at least one game in each genre.

#846 Posted by AshleyWiles (2 posts) -

Hey guys, I just got a PS4 a week ago and was hoping some peope would add me because it does seem social focused.

My ID is: AshOneEyeSpy and I only have Ghosts and Killzone for now but the collection will grow drastically.

Could do with some help on Ghosts Extinction tbh, 100% it on XBOXONE but want to do the same for PS4, thanks guys :)

#847 Posted by noiz (46 posts) -

PSN : zeke78

Time zone: CST

Just got my ps4 a couple of weeks ago. Mainly playing Infamous and PS Plus stuff for now.

#848 Edited by CDUB901 (238 posts) -

PSN ID is: CDUB901

Timezone: Eastern

I accept all friend and real name requests if that's something you like

Got BF4, infamous, black flag and every single free ps+ game since launch and planning to get Destiny day one

#849 Posted by MrSwift (16 posts) -

PSN ID: Jswift56


Got: Infamous, Killzone, Fifa 14, Mercenary Kings. MGS:GZ, all the other PS+ games. TLOU on Pre-order will be playing the heck out of that! Will Pre-order destiny also!

#850 Edited by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

shameless bump

PSN ID: sohail4321

Timezone: GMT

Got so many games yo!

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