Let's Exchange PSN IDs For PS4!

#851 Edited by forevernet (18 posts) -

PSN: UncannyAxeMan

Timezone: Melbourne

Games: Infamous, Transistor, Octodad (nothing multiplayer... yet)

#852 Posted by MaxOpower (279 posts) -

PSN: MaxOpower

Timezone: Central European Time

Games: Infamous, Transistor, Wolfenstein, Resogun, AssCreed IV, PS+ Stuff.

I don't play much MP, but I enjoy beating high scorers and the likes.

#853 Posted by SunBroZak (1632 posts) -

Just got my PS4 today, so why not. PSN: zb456

Only got Killzone: Shadow Fall at the moment, but I'm looking to get BF4 in the future.

#854 Posted by Pezen (1754 posts) -

Figured I'd throw my hat in here as well, most of my friend's lists are pretty empty.

PSN ID: Pezen

Timezone: Sweden by night.

Games; A bunch of them! Including but not limited to Transistor, EA UFC, Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, Infamous SS, Metal Gear Solid GZ.

#855 Posted by UitDeToekomst (777 posts) -

PSN ID: UitDeToekomst

US east coast, mostly play on weekends, but I really don't play much PS4 to be honest.

#856 Edited by BoZZ0 (97 posts) -


Timezone GMT+1

Just mention GB

#857 Posted by Camelizer (137 posts) -

PSN ID: Camelizer

Timezone: Eastern

Games: War Thunder and Warframe would be the PS4 games I currently play online. Also have Watch Dogs and ACIV. Plan to get Destiny and also AC Unity once they come out in a couple months. Also have a large amount of games for PS3 which would take too long to list.

#858 Posted by jgf (402 posts) -

PSN: et_al

Timezone: "Western Europe" but I'm mostly gaming late at night so it doesn't really matter

Games: BF4, Killzone, PS+ stuff - also I'm definitely going buy Destiny (can't wait)

#859 Posted by steelerzfan101 (296 posts) -

PSN: nicktorious_BIG

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Games: Nothing yet but I will be in that Destiny beta

#860 Posted by JRM (190 posts) -


Timezone: PST/GMT -8

Games: Battlefield 4, UFC 2014, Wolfenstein, FF XIV, Watch Dogs, War Thunder, and some PS+ goodness.

Feel free to add me dudes.

#861 Posted by Briggs713 (238 posts) -

PSN: Esteven713

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Games: Watch Dogs, NBA 2K14, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and other PSN digital only titles

#862 Edited by Zembosis (103 posts) -

PSN: Zembosis

Timezone: Eastern

Games: Zen Pinball 2, Killzone, Watchdogs, PS+, NFS Rivals, Resogun, and possibly Pinball Arcade (again).

Also XBL: Zembs

#863 Edited by Nags (176 posts) -

PSN: Yourfacedotcom

BF4, Watchdogs, Destiny Beta, FFXIV

Feel free to add me.

#864 Posted by TheManiacsGnome (288 posts) -

PSN ID: TheManiacsGnome

Timezone: Eastern Standard

Games: Killzone, NFS Rivals, BF4, Watch Dogs, FFXIV

#865 Posted by Shindig (1023 posts) -

PSN ID: Shindig1984Timezone: British Summer Time (and it is! Finally!)

Games: InFamous, NBA 2K14, Strider, Trials Fusion

#866 Posted by Maggo007 (13 posts) -

PSN ID: Maggomon

Systems: PS3, PS4, PS Vita

Location: Austria/Europe (GMT +1)

Games: Wolfenstein, Resogun, most of the PS+ Games, probably Destiny later on

Searching for some people for mostly leaderboard stuff.

#867 Posted by supaman900s (217 posts) -

PSN ID: xX_Supaman_Xx

Time Zone: Eastern

#868 Posted by SirThirdFilms (199 posts) -

I just got one and am in desperate need of friends!


#869 Edited by Borklund (125 posts) -

Repost for Destiny beta (I also have FIFA 14, Killzone etc)

PSN ID: BorklundSE

Time Zone: Normally CEST (Sweden) but now I work night shifts so Eastern to Pacific time zones as well

#870 Edited by kist (215 posts) -

PSN ID: kist84

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time

Games: Fifa 14, BF4, UFC, Destiny, AC:IV, NBA 2k14, ps+ stuff

Feel free to add me :)

#871 Posted by Danforth (7 posts) -

PSN ID: Danforth05

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time

Games: Little bit o' everything. Currently playing the Destiny Beta.

Don't hesitate to add me!

#872 Posted by Vaco (10 posts) -

PSN ID: Pactx

Time Zone: Eastern US

Just got this thing, lets see what it can do.

#873 Posted by Craig_Duda (12 posts) -

PSN: Octopus_Prime_76

Timezone: Eastern US

Games: AC4, War Thunder

#874 Edited by Slurpelve (669 posts) -

PSN: Slurpelve

TImezone: Eastern US

Games: Tomb Raider, Destiny, other later this month.

Feel free to add, just dont be a dick

#875 Posted by soulcake (394 posts) -

PSN: SoulcakeGiantbom

timezone: EU

Destiny beta

#876 Edited by Helicon42 (4 posts) -

PSN: Helicon42

Timezone: Central US

Games: Destiny beta, mainly interested in co-op games

#877 Posted by funnyattimes89 (2 posts) -


Timezone:Eastern US

Games:NBA 2K14{2k15 preorder}, MLB The Show, AC4,COD,Battlefield,NFS,Fifa...

#878 Edited by Jamin724 (309 posts) -

PSN ID: is Jamin724

Favorites RPGs, JRPGs, Action, Platformers, but play pretty, much anything besides hardcore FPS and Fighting.

Own: Transistor & MGS looking to buy AC Unity and Far Cry 4, Hyperlight Drifter!

Eastern Time Zone: Always up for some co-op!

#879 Edited by ElCount (84 posts) -

PSN ID: CountTheMoney

Timezone: central US

Destiny beta and co-op games

#880 Posted by hippocrit (284 posts) -

PSN ID: hippocr1t04

Time zone: USA eastern

Games: Oddworld on hard baby! Transistor soon.

#881 Posted by HouseOfBalloons (48 posts) -

PSN ID: Trippy_24

Timezone: Western

Pretty much game for anything coming out in the future.. :)

#882 Posted by metal_mad (31 posts) -

PSN ID: maidenmad

Timezone: GMT

Games: Infamous, octodad and whatever PS Plus games i've got

#883 Posted by strake3 (4 posts) -

PSN ID: Strake_3

Timezone: Central US

Games: Looking forward to Destiny

Feel free to add me =)

#884 Edited by TurkBurgBro (23 posts) -

PSN ID: speakerspushair

Games: FIFA, Trials Fusion, UFC, NBA 2K14, Assassin's Creed IV, PS+

Timezone: US Pacific

Feel free to add me!

#885 Posted by Grimmy616 (430 posts) -

PSN ID: HeelGrimmeh

Timezone: GMT+1 (Germany)

Games: Killzone, Knack, InFamous, PS+ games

Add me :D Looking for people to play Killzone with. Most looking forward to Destiny and WWE 2k15.

#886 Posted by AndyLonn (64 posts) -

PSN ID: Narmasil90

Games: What ever is new

#887 Posted by Branwulf (435 posts) -

PSN: Branwuflimus

Planning on playing Destiny at launch, nothing else so far though.

#888 Posted by supermulletman (34 posts) -

PSN: JackOverflow

GMT timezone

#889 Edited by Lomilias (30 posts) -

PSN: Lomilias23

Timezone: GMT+2 (Copenhagen)

Games: The Last of Us Remastered, Watch Dogs and various other titles.

#890 Posted by RabidWhippet (4 posts) -

PSN: RabidWhippet

Time Zone : Eastern US/CA

Looking for Destiny Raid Teams :)

#891 Edited by APortlyNinja (4 posts) -

PSN: georgekelly2009

time zone: BST (United Kingdom)

I don't play much multiplayer but looking for people to play destiny with.

#892 Posted by Mogarth (26 posts) -

PSN: Mogarth098

timezone: Central US

Multiplayer: Last of Us Remastered, Trials Fusion, Trine 2, Resogun, Mercenary Kings

Looking for people to make a full raid team with in Destiny when it releases.

#893 Edited by El_Mucho_Grande (2 posts) -


Just say something about GB :)

Time Zone : Eastern US/CA

Multiplayer: Last of Us Remastered, PvZ (when it comes out)....

Definitely going to play Destiny

#894 Edited by Magnetic_Puppet (2 posts) -

PSN: Magnetic_Puppet

Timezone: MST US

The Last Of Us, COD Ghosts, Killzone

#895 Posted by Cptanimal (6 posts) -

PSN: Nishrx

Timezone: Central US

Diablo III tomorrow, Battlefield 4, Trials ghosts, Resogun, FIFA 14.

#896 Posted by CynicalRodent (122 posts) -

PSN: Kravers

Timezone: Central USA

Add me for Diablo 3! Also play Warframe and will be there Day 1 for Destiny.

#897 Edited by daniel1cockerill (21 posts) -



Destiny - diablo - last of us etc etc

#898 Posted by jdwohlever (5 posts) -

PSN: SymbolicLink

Timezone: -5:00 UTC / Eastern US

Games: Resogun, InFamous: Second Son, PSN_Plus free games

#899 Posted by MisfitToy (142 posts) -

My wife is joining the PlayStation nation. I've already put my account in this thread but I'll post our again.

Her PSN: Misfitsgirl127

My PSN: MisfitToy

Pacific time

Always nice to see what everyone out there is playing :)

#900 Posted by Lelcar (906 posts) -

psn: Bromic_Lamonte

add me please!

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