Let's Exchange PSN IDs For PS4!

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Help me. I have no friends.

PSN ID: Kraumwell

Time Zone: Pacific

Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, Ghosts, BF4, Killzone 4

#302 Posted by RangoJames (12 posts) -

PSN: cpuguy18

Time Zone: Eastern

Launch games: Killzone Shadow Fall

#303 Posted by Nuves (12 posts) -

PSN: SevenMHz

Timezone: PST

Games: Killzone, Need For Speed, AC4BF, Battlefield 4, and PS+ Games.

Plz add in friend invite that your from Giantbomb PSN List :)

#304 Edited by MAXIMUMtheBOND (7 posts) -

ID: Methos007

Timezone: Eastern

Games: AC4, Battlefield 4, NBA 2k14


#305 Edited by McLargepants (380 posts) -

PSN: McLargepants

Timezone: EST

Launch Games: AC4, Killzone, Knack, Need for Speed, and PS+ stuff

Anybody feel free to add me!

#306 Edited by flindip (533 posts) -

flindip80 if someone wants to party up. I got AC4 and BF4

#307 Posted by yakov456 (1908 posts) -

ID: yakov456

Time zone: eastern(US)

Games: BF4 and whatever ps plus/free games there are

#308 Edited by Borklund (76 posts) -

ID: BorklundSE

Time zone: GMT+1 (CET)

Games at launch: AC4, NFS Rivals, Killzone, FIFA 14

Just gotta wait till the 29th. Only 12 days to go!

#309 Edited by axisandallies (13 posts) -

PSN: Winterfist

Central Time

AC4, Knack, Killzone, Battlefield 4

#310 Posted by sQuadr0n (9 posts) -

PSN: Squad0n (supposed to be squadr0n but i forgot the R lol :( and the o is the number 0 not letter)

Timezone: Eastern US

Launch Games: Resogun, Injustice, and either BF4 or Killzone (probably BF4 but i also own it on PC)

#311 Edited by subtek (61 posts) -

PSN ID: subtek

TZ: Pacific

Launch games: BF4, Killzone, AC4, DCUO

I'm really looking to find a good crew of BF4 and/or Killzone players to squad up with.

#312 Edited by betusblues (40 posts) -

PSN ID:PFC-Platoon1015

Pacific time

Resogun, NFS later

#314 Posted by cheesesic666 (1 posts) -

PSN: cheesesic666


Launch games: AC4, Killzone, Ghosts and PS+ free games

#315 Posted by Lava (667 posts) -

PSN: x_Lava_x

Timezone: Central

Launch games: Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, Contrast, and Resogun.

#316 Posted by Chango (516 posts) -

Added a whole lot of you. Man, that took quite a while by using the iOS app. But that seems like the fastest way.

I put GB in the message so you'll know what's up.

#317 Posted by TheTravis (40 posts) -



Need for Speed, Battlefield

#318 Posted by DrPoo (3 posts) -

PSN: Suboff

Timezone: Central

Launch games: Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun, Knack, AC4

Feel free to add me

#319 Posted by vikingdeath1 (971 posts) -

PSN ID: Vikingdeath1

Time Zone: EST

Games at Launch: BF4, AC4, Killzone & PS+ freebies

#320 Posted by wild_fire987 (50 posts) -

PSN ID: ZombieWieners

Time Zone: CST

Games at launch: BF4, AC4, Need For Speed, PS+ Free games

#321 Posted by ati2de (2 posts) -

PSNID: Ati2de

Time Zone: PST

Games@launch: Battlefield 4, Killzone SF

Graveyard shift, so my gaming is usually infrequent. But trying to marathon more when i have free time. Plus doesnt hurt to add to your friends list number too

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I will have to go back through this thread soon to add some giantbomb community members, but for now I shall add myself to the list.

PSN ID: Atarii2

Time zone: Eastern standard time

Games I've got thus far: Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 4, NFS Rivals

#323 Edited by TheWiFiJedi (60 posts) -

Would love some more PS4 Friends!!


TImezone: MT US


#324 Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam (448 posts) -

PSN ID: WorstPlayerEvr

TimeZone: Mountain Standard Time

Games: AC4, BF4, Fifa 14, Killzone, Knack, NBA2k14, Need for Speed, Resogun, Warframe

#325 Edited by StingingVelvet (569 posts) -

I'm StingingVelvet everywhere, PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.


Killzone and BF4

I don't play much multi but do hop on for quick games here and there, mostly Battlefield on PS4 now and TF2 on Steam.

#326 Posted by MC_Hify (336 posts) -

PSN ID: runcrash

TimeZone: PST

Games: AC4, BF4, Killzone, Knack, COD: Ghosts, Need for Speed, PS+ games

#327 Edited by Mastertarvin (53 posts) -

PSN IS: jtar86

Time Zone: Central

Games: AC4, KZ, COD, Rezogun

Accepting all friend request

#328 Posted by FSS (4 posts) -

PSN: faysal001

Time Zone: Central

Games: AC4, BF4, KZ, COD, PS+

#330 Posted by Sveppi (128 posts) -

PSN ID: VirgoCrest

Time Zone: GMT

Launch Games: Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack & FIFA 14

#331 Edited by DryvBy (249 posts) -

PSN: DryvBy

Timezone: Eastern US

Launch: Everything aside from Madden and FIFA.

#332 Posted by wolfhunter777 (6 posts) -

PSN wolfhunter777


Launch games: AC4, KILLZONE, FIFA, and ps+ stuff

#333 Posted by wolfhunter777 (6 posts) -

PSN wolfhunter777


Launch games: AC4, KILLZONE, FIFA, and ps+ stuff

#334 Edited by sixpin (1292 posts) -

PSN: sixpin (same as Xbox Live and Steam)

Timezone: EST

Launch: Everything but Madden and FIFA.

Toss a Giant Bomb in your message so I know your a Duder.

#335 Posted by Agent89 (26 posts) -

PSN ID: SpecAgent89

Time Zone: PST (Pacific)

Launch Games: Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack & NFS:Rivals and PS+ games

#336 Posted by Thuggish (104 posts) -

PSN ID: CclarkX

Time Zone: Eastern (US)

Launch Games: Assassin's Creed IV, Resogun, Contrast (and snagged all of the free to play titles).

I just added a few dozen folks randomly via the mobile app; my fingers are tired.

#337 Posted by Steadying (1239 posts) -

PSN: Coady709 (it's dumb, I know)

Game at launch: AC IV

#338 Posted by Burningwave (3 posts) -

PSN ID: Burningwave368

Time Zone: Eastern US

Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, ps+ games

#339 Posted by patrick5152003 (264 posts) -


#340 Posted by Vash10 (37 posts) -

Psn: Vash10

Timezone: PST US

#341 Posted by nofxlegend (2 posts) -

PSN nofxlegend

Pacific Time

Games at launch: Killzone, Battlefield, Need For Speed, ACIV and PS+ Games

Looking for people to play with.

#342 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (579 posts) -

PSN: TheNewBlack

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

Launch games: AC IV, Battlefield 4, and NFS Rivals

#343 Posted by drkscyde (67 posts) -

PSN ID: drkscyde

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, Battlefield 4, COD Ghosts, Killzone, NFS Rivals

#344 Posted by vorpalparasite (290 posts) -

PSN: takosaled

Time Zone: CST

Games: Resogun, Warframe

#345 Edited by VarkhanMB (159 posts) -

PSN ID: blitzkrieg1337

(man do I wish we could change our Usernames...)

Timezone: Eastern (Canada)

Launch Games: Need For Speed: Rivals, Resogun

#346 Edited by TiptoeMustachio (8 posts) -

Let's do this shit!

Psn: TiptoeMustachio

Time zone: pst

Games: AC black flag, knack and killzone. Plus all of that free stuff.

#347 Posted by david3cm (635 posts) -

psn: clumthumb3cm

timezone: EST

launch games: AC4, Need for Speed, BF4, COD Ghosts, Killzone

#348 Posted by Kierkegaard (592 posts) -

PSN ID: Kierkegaard11

Timezone: Central US

Launch Games: AC4, PS+ freebies, and maybe Killzone because I'm dumb and it's pretty.

#349 Posted by bchan786 (1 posts) -

PSN: Shoe786

Mountain Time

AC4, NFS & Killzone

Not 12 years old

#350 Posted by Rodin (172 posts) -

Feel free to add me, ill accept all friends

PSN: flatline94m3

Timezone: AEST

Launch: Killzone, AS IV, resogun, mabye need for speed

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