Looks like Drive Club is delayed till early 2014...

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So according to this post on the Playstation blog, Driveclub, along with the Playstation Plus version supposed to be available at launch, is delayed till early 2014. I was hoping the rumors were not true, but it seems that they are accurate. Playstation Plus members will get Contrast instead, a game I have never heard of. I am not going to lie, this along with the Watch_Dogs delay makes me far less likely to get a PS4 at launch, though Resogun is still very compelling. It seems kind of crazy to delay a game so close to launch, in my eyes it shows something was seriously broken/bad in the end product. Not confidence inspiring to say the least.

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There's a thread for this already. And you can listen to Alex and Patrick discuss the delay on the latest Bombing' the A.M.

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Oh jeez, I am bad at finding threads I guess. Did not think the thread with rumor in the title would be the same thing. Never mind then!

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I wanna know what caused watch dogs to be delayed. What event caused it.

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I wanna know what caused watch dogs to be delayed. What event caused it.

"Uh, this game's pretty broken"

"In a way we can still ship?"

"No, in a way that delaying it and fucking up your share price and quarterly projections is a better idea"

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Since there's at least one other thread discussing this out there on the forums, I'll lock this one down to consolidate the discussion elsewhere. Thanks, everybody!


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