Mark Cerny “Road to the PS4″ live at Gamelab 2013

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@msavo said:

Just like John Carmack I could listen to Cerny talk for hours. This was great and really shows what they thought about while making the PS4 as a platform.

Yeah but unlike with Carmack you understand everything Cerny is saying. If Carmack goes on after a while you do not know what he is talking about anymore because he is getting so specific. Cerny is very easy to understand and it is a real joy listen to him. Sony really has found the best speaker in this whole industry and not only that he also designed their latest master piece. While Kevin Butler was a great marketing piece Cerny has the knowledge and the charisma.

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Wow I'm watching this and how the fuck did PS3 find any success?

Kind of reminds me of the EA Sports analogy that the Bombcrew often use. "The thing from last year was a load of hot garbage, I mean how did anyone actually spend money on it? But this new thing is the bomb, I mean look at all the things we fixed from last time."

But that was a really interesting talk. I may be the only one who finds Cernys personality to be off-putting, but there is absolutely no denying his talent and insight in the industry. Actually listening to this made me want to buy a PS4 more than the two previous press conferences for the system.

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Must say that Mark Cerny looks a bit like Dana Carvey.

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I had never heard of him before the PS4 reveal, but he is one of my favorite person in the game industry now. I intended to go to sleep and just check this out a little bit, but obviously I got enthralled by him and watched the whole thing. A few hour sit down with Cerny and Jeff would probably be the best thing ever to happen.

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I'm gonna watch this later, thanks.

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Absolutely fascinating. Cerny's history is akin to the history of the videogames industry. Duder has been in there trucking from the start, and keeps going stronger. Hopefully that holds true for the industry at large as well.

Didn't think I'd sit through the whole 45 minutes presentation, but I did. Excellent public speaker. Great material.

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Mark Cerny and Wil Wright have always been my favorite industry guys to hear speak/read articles they've written.

I'm willing to bet Sony's edge (if they gain one) this generation may end up being the fact that they've got this crazy Mark Cerny architect lead and Adam Boyes developer relations duo, not the fact that they're running better hardware or have a cheaper MSRP.

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