new ps4's don't all include 30 days of PS+?

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So I just got my ps4 yesterday after ordering from the latest best buy online stock. I was excited to finally get a chance to use PS+ to see if I liked it before putting down money for it, but inside the box was just the setup instructions and no codes. I thought I'd heard earlier there was supposed to be a code for 30 days of PS+ and whatever their music service is, as well as a $10 psn code. Has anyone else received or not received these? Thanks!

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It was a promo for the launch. Most games come with trials for PS+, so it should be easy for you to get one.

That said, you need it for multiplayer, so if you are planning to play online you'll need to pay for it anyway. And, PS+ is an amazing service that has constantly fed me great, free games and discounts over the course of the last year. PS4's PS+ doesn't have that many perks just yet (two free games now, one in January), but as their library gets bigger it'll just get better.

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We got jack and shit in the rest of the world unless we made a new account along with the PS4, then we'd get 14 days.Then you guys got year long codes on sale for $30 each. And PS+ trials, I sure wish our games came with those.

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1st run launch stock probably ran out, it was a limited run type of deal.

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If you don't have a PS3 or a Vita the only thing to like about PS+ right now is multiplayer. If multiplayer isn't important to you, you could probably wait a year until PS+ will be worth it.

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I got one from a later batch that was purchased at Walmart. It was 30 Days PS+, 30 Days Music Unlimited and 10 PSN Bucks. It was in the bottom of the box and not with the quick start guide and stuff.

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Not included in the UK!

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