Playstation Meeting livestream

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Any idea what the setup is going to be here? Are we going to have some sort of picture-in-picture thing where we have the conference on one side, with giant closeups of the staffers' faces giving their honest (and sometimes involuntary) reactions? 599USD while Ryan does a double-take?

I'm just wondering if I need to cue up a stream from Gametrailers in sync with the Giant Bomb one, or maybe just watching the conference on its own and then catching the archived GB one afterwards...

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yeah i'm speculating about the same, as it's late here where i am and i really want to see how it looks like.

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I want it all. I want it all. I want it all and I want it now.

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I'll probably have both streams on. I'll watch the original one with the GB one muted for the most part. And whenever something outrages happens I'll switch to the GB to see their reactions.

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Anyone estimating how long this is going to be? I got a night job that I'm might end up being late for, I want to make sure I'm not too late.

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@pudge: My guess would be 1 hour

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