Pre-Microsoft Announcement: Thoughts on PS4 Services

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I already posted this once, but i kinda wanna preserve this for history, for like a year from now for myself. You know, like when the PS4 launches in exactly one year?

Aegon posted a topic, and discussion is kinda just.. I don't know: Jeff is good. Yea, Jeff is good, I agree. ~ But I wanna think about concrete PS4 stuff.

GameTrailers: Bonus Round: Microsoft's Next Move [03/31/13]

Well does anybody here, actually wanna talk about what they said? Jeff said some pretty interesting things.

Let's say that if, I actually wanted to get a PS4, what TV services and apps will I be able to get? ~ The fact is that I haven't watched real television in like 2 years now. Shows and stuff I could just get online. So, what if I actually wanted ta PlayStation Show Subscription. Will that actually get offered, or is Sony too err-scared to try and beat out Netflix?

The fact is that games don't really make Console-Providers money, but services do. So, if PS4 manages to add a whole of services and content, that might get me to look at it more. All this screen sharing stuff, and near-instant demos; aren't going to get me to use the console any more than I do now. In between the wait time when I'ma play BF4 with my friend, I want to fuck around and go find new things to do.

That's why I want PlayStation Home to come back so badly, because games and such can get a little monotonous.

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