PS4 Camera Demo

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I like how he was looking at the robot flying by his head, he would actually be looking at the damn screen, not at the NOTHING floating by him.

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I'm confused.

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So, it has two lenses, can detect faces, and can detect controller lights. That's about all I got out of that little cg music video.

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@stubstub said:

So, it has two lenses, can detect faces, and can detect controller lights. That's about all I got out of that little cg music video.

It also comes with a cute blond girl and a flying portal like robot.

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Could be neat? The current PS Eye isn't really used for much, and the accuracy/fidelity of the PS Move has always been the interesting bit. If you improve the fidelity of the receiver(the camera) and allow it to interface with more than just the move controllers, that could lead to cool stuff. Still depends on developers, though.

Seeing as pretty much 0 Kinect stuff outside of Fantasia was announced at e3, and the Kinect itself is included in every Xbox One box, I'm not sure if a sold separate peripheral can gather more support than a mandatory one can, when the mandatory one is already not getting support.

I guess the wall of text above boils down to "uh..guess we'll see?"

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Is the sick bass lick included?

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The question remains, can I pretend to be a giant monster and squish them to a bloody pulp? (ala Rampage) No? What? You have to appeal to the masses of families and children first?... Well fine. I'll continue to wait for third parties to finally do something brilliant with all these extra peripherals. Until then, this just looks like more in the same vein as Kinect, wii, the sixaxis, the move.. And I just really don't care.

On the other hand, heck I'm excited for the Occulus Rift, but even then it'll take some serious work from developers to really use it to it's fullest potential. I hope the first games that start to use the Occulus Rift don't all turn out to be "family-fun" games, like has been a lot of the case with all these other peripherals.

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Weird. Looks like they copied that Rabbids in a Wii controller thing.

I don't see any compelling reason in that video to pick one up. If Kinect 2 were optional, I'd probably feel the same way. I don't really mind it being included with the Xbox One, but I suspect it'll still feel optional unless the UI integration stuff turns out to be cooler than I'm anticipating.

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All this video did was make me wish the controller didn't have a touchpad.

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If they do something solid with this other than cutsey little tech demos, I'll probably pick one up at some point. So far, I'm impressed with what it's capable of, but they'll need to show me what they're actually going to do with it.

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Another awful promo video from Sony... At least the interface seemed alright in the first one, but this makes the camera seem absolutely useless. Well it's not in the box and I don't have to pay for it so it doesn't really matter.

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Note to self: Don't buy the camera.

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That was dumb.

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This is a tec demo. It seems like people cant comprehend these days. Im pretty sure the Eye is going to do unique things. But the video just shows how the eye works and how the touch pad can be used. Which looks pretty cool to be honest.

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It's a tenner cheaper in Europe. I think they're trying to sell us something.

If I the camera can be seated upon my asshole-bezel having monitor I'm getting it 2014 sometime just as a toy, otherwise pfffffff damn this monitor.

Only game implementation demonstrated so far has been taking driver photos for Drive Club, good enough for me frankly. Invest in horse masks people - for the future!

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If Fantasia hadn't been Microsoft exclusive I might have gotten one. Nothing really wrong with the video, I just don't care.

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I know less now that before I watched that.

But seriously, I'll wait and see. If developers find great ways to utilize it in cool games I may get the PS Eye down the road...

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I was hoping for more OS system demo of what the eye can do for ps4, we will see i guess.

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It also showed body movement detection aswell, the little creaters saw and copied the hand movement ! Heck never had a cam with any PS Console yet so im going for it!!! XD

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I can't wait for one of my friends to be dumb enough to buy that so I can go to his house and fuck around with it for 10 minutes.

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