PS4-Can I still get it this year?

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I wana get a PS4 for christmas this year. I live in Slovakia(middle Europe). I can't preorder(certain reasons) so my only way to get it is from my local store. I'm afraid the guys at the store don't know much about the availability because they dont really follow the next gen stuff(and they work at game stores lol). With so many preorders for the next gen consoles Im afraid they will all just sell out and no PS4s will come to my country this year. Do any of you by any chance know the numbers or some statistics showing whether or not there will be enough PS4s(XB1s i accept too) this year? Or will a lot of countries have them delayed till 2014?

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There is no Japan on that list. Odd.

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@sinusoidal: They came out and said they are aiming for December in japan. Sony has a keynote in japan on the 9th of September so we might get a release date for japan then.

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Silly westerners and their Christmas shopping madness I suppose.

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If Slowakia is on the day 1 list, there certainly will be a handful of boxes on the shelves of old school department stores and such. Google if it's so, then go and try to get one put on layaway or something.

Aren't there any online retailers in Slowakia taking preorders without putting down any money? At my retailer, everything's on the honor system. As long as I pay my bills in a timely fashion after receiving my order, it's all good. Don't have to put down any money upfront, or give my credit information.

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@redloopz: Nobody knows how much stock and how much demand there will really be, but PS4 is not launching in Slovakia in November, so it will most likely go to next year unless you import.

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@erhard: ah damn it slovakia isnt there. and whats even worse its not even in the other lists of additional countries being added. same for xb1. its not even on the lst for early 2014 countries. guess its either the PCfor me this year......or THE WII U! lol

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I am sure that you will be able to get one soon after launch.

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