PS4 Content Now available on EU SEN store.

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Hey all , it looks like Sony has decided to put some of the PS4 games/apps on the store. Some content is missing such as War Thunder flOw, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes and Blacklight. Hopefully these games will get added on Wednesdays update to the PSN Store.

I really hope more apps make it to launch as BBC Sport , BBC iPlayer and the IGN app are the only apps available at the moment.

Resogun and Contrast can be added to your basket for free if you are a PS Plus member.

#2 Posted by Nictel (2312 posts) -

Are the ridiculously overpriced EA games there too?

#3 Posted by jimmyfenix (3679 posts) -

@nictel: £8 more then XBL versions! Classic EA.

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Nice, just 'purchased' Resogun and Contrast, so they'll be ready for me whenever I decide to get a PS4.

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