PS4 controllers on PC

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Has anyone heard anything about being able to use a PS4 controller with a PC? I really hope that they encourage developers to put support into their PC games, even though it seem rather unlikely. Or will it be like the PS3 controller where you can connect and configure it, or use a program to make your PC think it is a 360 controller?

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I'm confident the Xbox One controller will be usable after a while (or immediately). The PS4 controller will not work without finagling (like now). Its a guess but a fairly good one I think. As said in a previous thread the touch pad would be awesome for cursor control.

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Yeah, I'm mostly with Speedmarque on this one. I'm just hopeful that the One controller is actually compatible out of the box. They've been weirdly hesitant to confirm that.

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Yeah not too sure about that, the system itself would need to support the controller. Keep in mind one of the positive things that Games for Windows initiative did was adding support for gamepad in the OS and that has since perpetuated long after its existence. If anything there would need to have a third party software that needs to be installed or for Sony to also decide that their controllers to be compatible with Windows for this to ever happen.

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I was crossing my fingers that it would be the case, but I'm resigned to the fact that I may need to get an X1 controller.

But official word would be nice. I got some PC platformers to play.

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Thanks for the replies. That is what I was thinking. I was just hoping that it would work because I am planning on getting a PS4 and that touchpad could be great for using a PC on a couch. Hopefully someone figures out how to make it work.

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I can't imagine anything that makes those controllers special will be integrated into PC games any time close to launch, so there wouldn't be much of a material reason to invest the $60 if you already have a controller you're comfortable with. I think the 360 controller works perfectly well and I'm sure they'll keep making them as long as the 360 E is on the market.

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@rorie: Well, they're probably holding back since they just want the focus more on the console and they probably want people to associate the controller with that console so it'll lead to potential pre-order sales and all especially at this point of time. We'll probably know more info closer or during or some time after the lauch.

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there is a really good program for using the ps3 controller and its good at updating so i wouldn't be surprised if it would be updated to work with the new controler .

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Microsoft has the PC business so they would be stupid not to support it. As for Sony, I'm not sure their controller would be natively supported in games.

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@speedmarque: but how likely is it for Microsoft to gate the Xbox One controller to Windows 8?

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I wish there were a better solution then that Montioninjoy driver.

It's kinda ok by itself but man it fucks up everything else bluetooth or gamepad related on your PC.

Still hoping Sony had something in mind PC related when engineering the DS4.

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PS4 controller would be awesome on a steambox. that pad would be useful.

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I feel like it would probably be an unofficial driver and not at launch. What does Sony benefit from allowing you to use your PS4 controller on PC?

Would people go out and buy DS4s to use on PC when cheaper alternatives are out there?

I'd guess most people that would use a DS4 to play on PC are owners of a PS4 already, using their existing DS4.

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A compatible PS4 controller with the functional touchpad as a cursor is the dream controller scenario for me. Seems unlikely, though.

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@toowalrus said:

A compatible PS4 controller with the functional touchpad as a cursor is the dream controller scenario for me. Seems unlikely, though.

It probably won't work out of the box, but people will make it work... the only question is "when".

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@yapapanda: I doubt they would do that, there is to much money to be made from their controllers on PC. Windows 8 has not got the critical mass yet to make an exclusive PC controller release worthwhile IMHO.

Buy the way everyone, PC gamers (or a third party company) will make the PS4 controller work no matter what so if that's what you want don't worry about it, it WILL happen.

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It's great to have more choices when it comes to gamepads. Personally not a fan of the Dualshock stuff though.

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Limited functionality surely means there are limitations presented by being a HID-spec device. So basically don't count on anything outside of the d-pad, two sticks, face buttons, triggers, bumpers (equivalent) and stick clicking working.

Perhaps later drivers for it can support the additional functionality like lighting up, the touchpad, pad clicking and rumble.

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I'm sure it will support the standard hid protocols, just like the ps3 controller. The problem is most current games suport the xinput driver for the 360 controller, so some hacks like motion joy will probably still be necessary.

Of course, it's possible (likely?) the xbone controller will also not support xinput (do we even know?) so new games might need to put in more work to support the new console controllers at all.

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