PS4 does not support five controllers

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  1. Xbox One supports eight controllers playing together on the same console.
  2. PlayStation 4 is confirmed to support four controllers.
  3. PlayStation 3 supports seven controllers.
  4. Oh, and the Wii U can support four controllers and a GamePad siimutaneously

FIFA, Madden, NHL, and NBA Live. That's all I could think of. Even if you only have four friends and yourself, and want to play like a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2. Well, you can't do it. When's the last time you and four other friends played together on the same console?

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Yeah I have never used more than 4 controllers on ps3 and that was to play rampart....

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Eff other people.

This is my video game box. Go get your own if you want to play.

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If it supports 1 that's good enough for me!

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Its a game changer for AA batteries

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The most I use now is 2 and that is even rare. I love a LAN type of setting but it just doesn't exist anymore thus owning more than 2 controllers makes very little sense. I even cancelled my preorder for a second PS4 controller.

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The last time me and three friends played on one console was the PS2. This doesn't really matter to me at all. As long as it supports 2, I'm fine.

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But how will I be able to... err... if I ever need to... and the... what about...

#10 Posted by spraynardtatum (2523 posts) -

Are there any games that support 7 controllers? I bet Lair did because why not.

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@shagge: Imagine all those AA Batteries you would need to buy to support 8 X1 Controllers.

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Oh noes! Worlds are ending. The consequences will never be the same.

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@shagge: Imagine all those AA Batteries you would need to buy to support 8 X1 Controllers.

Buy ALL the Eneloops!

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Even first year of university living in the dorm when everyone played games I can't think of a single time we ever would have played a game with more than 4 people at the same time, the only game I could see sucking with four or less people would be Johann Sebastian Joust.

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I'm pretty sure if I had 7 people over none of us would be interested in the consoles.

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When the fuck would I have 7-8 people playing on one console with separate controllers? Really?

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not since WW II has there been such a trav-

ah fuck it i know this is a troll post

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Possible reason:

The BT spec on the PS3 allowed for 8 devices, but the PS3 was considered one of those devices, so it only supported 7 extra controllers.

It's possible, although unconfirmed, that the touchpad on the DS4 takes up a spot on the BT chain independently of the rest of the controller, which would mean having 4 DS4 controllers in use would mean the PS4 sees 8 devices. The weird part about this would be if the PS4 is no longer considered to be a device on the chain, otherwise only 3 DS4 + touchpads would work simultaneously.

I'm sure the only way we'll know any of this for sure is once the system is in the wild. I've never had more than 2 other people on a PS3 at one time, so this doesn't really affect me, but I do know people who have played Fifa in 5-7 player configurations on the PS3 in their college dorm.

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How many games are there that support more than four players on PS3? That X-Men arcade game port is the only one I can think of.

I don't think this is an issue. I think Microsoft is crazy for making that a thing on Xbox One. Some poor sap is going to buy seven extra controllers and then never use them all at once. Though, I suppose that would be his fault for being dumb.

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A Royal Rumble would be dope on five controllers. I dunno.

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I am an octopus and I support the Xbox One.

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Johann Sebastian Joust on XB1?

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@nonused said:

I am an octopus and I support the Xbox One.

Octodad on PS4 should have 7 player local multiplayer.

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VR support trumps more than 4 controllers anyway. It is known.

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The only time I hooked up 6-7 controllers on my PS3 was for Bomberman Ultra a couple times.

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RIP Sony

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@thephantomnaut: Nice try, but you won't sway my brand loyalty that easily.

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I guess the PS4 really is for the rest of us since XBO is only meant for those with large living rooms (with no furniture in the center) for 8 people to gather around a gigantic HDTV.

The PS3 could handle 7 Bluetooth devices but I am pretty sure that PS3 controllers only have 4 LED lights to indicate which controller it is assigned. How did we miss this scandal for so long???

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I got through the entire PS3 only owning one controller, I think i'll live. For 360, I have three. One wired one on my PC, one permanently plugged in through play and charge because I hate AA batteries. The other sits in a drawer and is never used.

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@nonused said:

I am an octopus and I support the Xbox One.

Wait. Dad? What do you mean you're an octopus!?

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That last time that mattered to me was on the SNES, playing Super Bomberman and Fifa with a SuperTap.

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People cant take a joke: The thread.

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This means you don't need 4 friends anymore.

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Man, imagine the framerate of a 7/8 player split screen match :P

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The last time I played with more than 4 people physically in one room on one console was let me think.. NEVER.

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I just learned that PS3 supports more than 4 controllers. So nevermind :)

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People cant take a joke: The thread.

Pretty sure just about everybody is responding with mirth in their hearts.

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@jasonr86 said:

When the fuck would I have 7-8 people playing on one console with separate controllers? Really?

What if you want to play four games of Ikaruga at once and happen to be a spider? WHAT THEN!?

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7 People? hell I barely even play with 2 most of the time. I'm so alone.

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GENERATION OVER, xbone wins!

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GG Xbone is teh winnars.

To be more accurate the PS3 supported up to 7 bluetooth devices, it's just 7 of those could be controllers.

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I don't even have 4 friends never mind 7.
Does not affect me, do not care.

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Literally zero times.

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There goes the teledildonic orgy i had planned with myself.

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This just means I'm going to need a much bigger TV than my 55" when I eventually get an Xbox One in a year or two so it can handle 8-player split-screen games without making things impossibly small to see.

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Oh well, the max I ever use is 2.

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So I finally can play 4v4 on one screen? Not since Goldeneye have I been this delighted.

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