PS4 EU Release Date Accidentally Revealed

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NeoGAF member Cyborg posted the picture below from a Media Markt store in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It pinpoints the release date for the console as November 13, 2013. Others in the thread point to European online outlets that also have the date pegged for November 13, 2013.

NeoGAF User Cyborg

Could this be a promotional item made by Media Markt without any word from Sony? Sure, but it wouldn’t make much sense. Media Markt is an absolutely massive chain in Europe, and is essentially that continent’s version of Best Buy. They most certainly have communication with Sony about when its console is coming out, suggesting that this ad didn’t materialize out of thin air.

IGN: Has PlayStation 4’s Release Date Been Accidentally Revealed?

Hmm... Well, it doesn't really dissuade the rumored end of October release date, assuming that was for US. Hm? Uhm, interesting to note is that the ad advertises the Camera. I'm pretty sure they've completely dropped the 'Eye,' name, and its just like the "PlayStation Camera." ?. That store btw, looks like a Sam's Club. So it still might just be place-holder, I guess.

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@blu3v3nom07: Apparently media*mark don't give a shit about poster design.

November makes sense.

edit: Well lets get this ball rolling...

A recent advertisement in a popular UK tabloid,

The Sun Newspaper

, has indicated that Sony's PS4 will be launched on

November 21, 2013


It has been confirmed during E3 that the PS4 release date would be in time for the Holidays, so the November 21st date seems accurate enough considering the date is near Thanksgiving in the US.

The PS4 is priced at $399 and pre-orders are available at selected retailers.

Check out the ad from the newspaper:

The Sun is the purest print pressed dog shit of a newspaper though so meh.

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Design of the store & poster seems legit (I am a German.)

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That looks like a typical console launch date so sure why not

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A week after my birthday. That could work for me. That sounds like a reasonable release date for the US as well

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Sounds reasonable.

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Gamestop seems to think X1 will come out the first week of November .

Would be awesome if they both game out black Friday.

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It sounds reasonable since it is in the middle of November. Still have to wait for Sony to announce it themselves since there will be "leaks" going on from now until they actually announce it.

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Would be awesome if they both game out black Friday.

There would be so many deaths. The GameStops would look like slaughter houses.

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Gamestop seems to think X1 will come out the first week of November .

Would be awesome if they both game out black Friday.

I hate the trampling stories.

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Update: Sony has responded to our request for comment. "No further announcements/comments to make at this time. PlayStation 4 is launching this holiday season."

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Is the date that important ? It's not like it's supposed to come out next month.

We should probably just wait for them to announce it.

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Sounds good.

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Would be awesome if they both game out black Friday.

No I will be far away from my pre-order place. Family vs. Console which should I choose.

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Splitting dates between Europe Actual and the UK (with related islands) is possible. They know where The Market is.

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I also wouldn't like a Black Friday or any day thanksgiving week as I'll be out of town. Week before would be awesome.

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That's 2 days before my birthday, so I'm way cool with that if it's true.

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Just another reason why I love holiday season. Also read somewhere that Media Markt is the overseas version of Best Buy so I'll bite. Looks like no Christmas presents for no one this year, I'll be throwing money at Sony.

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Hmmmm. Ive been seeing rumores of November 14 for Xbone.

Would be funny as hell for PS4 to cut infront of Xbone by 1 day.

November seems the most possible for any console except this console war is already pretty bloody. Mostly from Microsoft shooting itself.

So someone is going to make an aggressive play to be way earlier and announce it in the sweet spot of customers can react. While the opposition cant.

Sony I think is in the best position to allow lower stock slip at launch and rebuild the following weeks. While it sounds like Microsoft needs every bit of stock thats if they can build them, rumores of 6 months behind and all that jazz.

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I hope for their sake they get the worldwide release right. The staggered release of the PS3 was a real shitshow, and Europe doesn't like getting things 6-12 months late anymore.

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As long as Amazon gets it to me release day, I'm fine with whatever day that might be.

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I was wondering if this release date is just for Europe or will it be worldwide. If it's not worldwide, then I wonder when the North American release date is. I want to schedule myself off the day of and many days after the launch xD

#23 Posted by LiquidPrince (16517 posts) - says November 30th.

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I got a email from GameStop sayin my copy of Assassians creed 4 for X1 will be open for pick up oct 29.

I just want then to say "Fuck it" both systems come out Black Friday

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I wonder what the death toll will be this Black Friday.

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@humanity: what system and games are you picking up?

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I would love to see both come out the same day and it just be a fucking blood bath.

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"Kent Brockman here, and it is a doo-zie! Someone has driven a Canyonero into the Wal-Mart.."

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That seems pretty legit to me. Sounds like a date they would use. They need to get it in before Black Friday here in the US, and before the holidays for everywhere else, so an early-mid November date makes a lot of sense.

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