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Can you play digital PlayStation 3 games through Gaikai? If so it would really be amazing, having the ability to pop up Grand Theft Auto 5 at any time, any device to play on since I am also always on the go a lot. I understand that Sony is working on the service to be release sometime next year but I feel that the information about the service is still vague until someone gets a hands with it.

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They are still working out the kinks so details are slim but if the sole measure of streaming games is OnLive then Sony/Gaikai has a lot of ground to cover to make it a viable service.

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It'll probably be a subscription service with a small library of games that Sony chooses and not your entire library of games. GT5 would probably be a good candidate to be on that list though.

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There has been little details on what kind of game library will be set up for Gaikai. But when we do have Gaikai, they said it will be in 2014. I'm hoping they put a big library of games on all the way from ps1 to ps3. My ps3 is broken and do not have the pleasure of playing The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto 5, or Saints Row IV.

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Basically, it a bit like Microsoft's self-publishing. Everything is kind of up in the air until they get the details ironed out, so we only know their most basic intentions.

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I honestly doubt it will ever get working without significant lag.

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@l33t_haxor: When Greenman Gaming had Galkai demos up, I was able to play a bunch of demos without any noticeable lag at all.

That being said I have 30mbps internet, so who knows what the average experience will be.

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Saw Gaikai running on TV before Sony bought the company. Played about 5 minutes of The Witcher on it and saw no lag at all, but there was some slight compression artifacting, kind of like you see on the Wii U tablet. It was super impressive tho, and the guy said they were getting the same results on standard home grade internet connections with average latency and ping times.

Sony has also been building out the Gaikai servers to heavily populated areas more, so I expect as long as you have a decent internet connection, it'll work pretty well. If they can get it to work reliably for the majority, it would be a pretty big get for Sony to have access to their PS1/2/3 library on the PS4, and by the next generation, they could just add the PS4 library as well for access on the PS5.

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My guess, only a guess, is that Sony was being accurate when they said these functions would roll out slowly. I think when games come it will be PSOne and PSTwo titles that are selective, probably what you can download on PSN Store now. I would expect other games to follow with PS3 games not appearing until 2015.

At this point it is unclear about where the functions of PSN Store and Gaikai delineate. Who does what? Does the PSN Store deliver old games or Gaikai? How quickly will certain serves appear.

From what we know Gaikai will be SOny's Cloud gaming, game streaming technology, gaming on demand, and remote play solution across all platforms. But that doesn't mean PSN Store won't do many of those same functions for PS4 games, nor does it means roles will not be handed off over time. Again, I think Sony was being truthful that they HOPE to provide the services, but that such services will arrive over time.

My advice: If you want to play PS3 games over the next three years....keep your old PS3...because there will eb on other way.

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