PS4 manufacturing sabotaged?

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My wife was cruising 2chan and found a post about this with a link. An supposed intern said they purposely messed with production because of working conditions. Could this even be possible?

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Sorry about the link. I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to GB on my tablet.

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I call BS, since the malfunctioning PS4s act up in a variety of ways that is unpredicatble. Mine was able to put out video, but still failed and then wouldn't turn on at all. Some had hard drive issues, some did have the pulsing blue light / no video output issue.

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Thanks for fixing the link. The more I think about it, the more it seems possible. Not even sure how this issue would then be resolved.

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After doing a little of my own due diligence on this "story", I am closing this topic.

The story linked at the site "" is written by an "aspiring journalist" - essentially a nobody, who himself linked to a thread on IGN as his only source which was closed because it also stated the same intern sabotage story with zero corroborating evidence.

There is absolutely nothing to back this nonsense up. If something legitimate does surface, we'll go from there.


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