Ps4 not displaying full RGB when playing Blu Ray's?

#1 Posted by Forkstik (184 posts) -

Hey dudes!

i just got my ps4 and went into the sound and screen settings, to switch RGB to FULL instead of limited. All games are running in Full RGB but, when i play blu rays it displays the movies in limited RGB. Anyone know how to fix it or have a similar problem?

thx ! :)

#2 Posted by Khronikos (85 posts) -

Blurays are naturally limited 16-235 with access to super white/black. I use my PS3 because the HDMI audio options are terrible on PS4 so not sure about bluray playback. I do switch my PS3 to limited though to watch them.

#3 Posted by RonGalaxy (3622 posts) -

On ps3 the Blu ray settings were seperate from game/video settings, maybe that's the case with ps4 as well? Maybe your tv has some sort of setting for automatic rgb detection... I dunno. I found this thread, so maybe it has info that can help you out. Hopefully when I get my ps4 in the future this isnt an issue, because Im a blu ray junkie and would prefer to switch out my ps3 for the ps4 (faster disc drive and all)

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