PS4 price $430?! (GameSpot)

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Yay necroed threads!

Anyway, for a piece of hardware I would probably be using for the next 6 to 10 years, that's a pretty reasonable price.

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My guess will be and always has been the system will have an MSRP of $399. Until, I officially hear different that's my guess. It makes the most sense for a basic system with the consumer level fit-out. They might have a $450 version with a bigger hard drive, but my guess is they will not have differences between base level and pro level that isn't user upgradable. I'm buying the base version and putting in my own 1 TB hybrid drive (SDD/HDD). If the have a Pro level that has some neat features (unlikely in my mind, but whatever), I'd consider it depending on what those features or add-ins.

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If its around $400-$450 thats sweet spot, I think 360 launch price would be about the same while I think the PS3 launched at $600 (please correct me if I'm mistaken). Not too bad and I was actually expecting much worse.

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If its around $400-$450 thats sweet spot, I think 360 launch price would be about the same while I think the PS3 launched at $600 (please correct me if I'm mistaken). Not too bad and I was actually expecting much worse.

Yeah, PS3 launched at $600. But here's the rub, "the good" XBOX 360 cost $500 and you needed a to spend about $100 more to get wi-fi. So...really both system were $600. When you add up everything PS3 had and they tried to replicate it with XB360, Wifi Adapters DVD-HD drive, etc the 360 was a $750 system....not to mention all the AA batteries you had to go through to keep the controllers working unless you bought yet another add on for rechargeable power packs. When you think about it the XBOX 360 was an engineering disaster, and it was an expensive system to own while being an impossible system to upgrade cheaply.

This time around I think both will have systems gamers would want to buy for $400, and that is a huge improvement.

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Yeah that price seems pretty reasonable. I'm not sure what people were expecting.

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400 for bare bones? No thanks.

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Sounds fine.

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399.99 250 GB with no game

449.99 500 GB with 1 Game

499.99 1 TB with 2 Games

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The latest I heard was $430 250 GB base price. $530 option.

I forgot where. Prices won't get released til like September or some shit, anyway.

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if that's the price, that's extremely reasonable to me

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$399 Bare Bones

$499 High End

That's my guess too. That hardware they are using isn't cheap....Unless they sell that at a loss and *hope* they make it back in sales. Same goes for the Xbox One.

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The numbers you hear about a $430 price point originate from an article breaking down the components of the PS4 to be roughly 40,000yen, which equates to roughly $430 USD at the time of the article. Those are just guesses.

The reality is, there is a strong precedent of consoles that might cost over a certain amount to be subsidized, especially if that means it will get under a certain price bracket. As we all know, being 399.99 sounds better to buyers than 400.00, let alone 430.00. If all they had to do was subsidize ~$30 to get under that price bracket, they would.

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$430 is totally reasonable. I would have payed $500 and was kind of expecting that price.

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November 17, $449 low end, $529 high end. You didn't hear this from me.

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I paid $700 AUD for my launch ps3.

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The problem these consoles have with no backwards compatibility is none of them can now say launching with 100's of downloadable arcade games like Journey, Trials, Splosion Man.

The arcade marketplace is going to be a barron wasteland like when the 360 launched, geometry wars and gauntlet.

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The arcade marketplace is going to be a barron wasteland like when the 360 launched, geometry wars and gauntlet.

You just got me excited for those early days of console ownership. Quite randomly discovering Geometry Wars for the first time was so amazing.

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That sounds like an incredible deal to be honest, I hope they launch that low.

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That seems about what I thought it would end up being, although the more interesting part of the article in my eyes:

In addition, the source said "most" of the PS4's online features will mandate a premium subscription.

That would be a strange strategy but wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I'm more than happy to continue paying for PS+ for the next generation given the insane value I've got from it so far.

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Wasn't this the same price from the unreliable source found by Kotaku?The reason why the price is $430 is because it was translated directly from Euros (I believe).

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I was expecting higher.

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It's been so long that I can probably justify spending up to $500 for the best version. An Infamous bundle would be nice, and I stay away from bundles!

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Well the Wii U's $460 (£300) in the UK so i'm guessing this will cost about $600 (£400) over here, fuck knows what the high end one's going to cost.

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$400 is perfectly reasonable for a launching console. That's actually on the low end of console launch prices in the last 30 years.

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yep sure thats about what i expected

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Pachter said PS4 would cost $350.

I trust papa Pachter. (Papachter)

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@egg: I saw that reported also. Not sure what to make of it. The Wedbush report said the internals of the PS4 would amount to $275 which is a lot lower than most people have reported. He actually claims the cost is parts is less than the Xone. I wonder if he has insider information? Maybe he just assumes the Kinect cost a lot and the PS4 won't include the Eye/Move. The report is pretty boring but has some interesting tidbits (link). Personally $350 sounds fantastic, if Sony were to price is like that I would definitely get a few extra games I'm marginally interested in (eg Killzone).

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The ps4 is going to be the same price as the ps3 and it can play ps3 games.

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@bofooq said:

I'm not sure why people make $400 seem like so much. while I'm not rich, we do live in world with $500 phones and $800 tablets and $1,200+ tvs, so how is $400-500 to much for a ps4? Even if we figure next-gen will not be as long as this generation we are still talking 5 years.

I'm still conviced the best way to go will be to get smallest one and replace the harddrive day one yourself. I'm hopefully it will be as easy as it was with ps3.

also I believe the story started with the supposed price in UK, than converted to US. I Bet, one sony says nothing about price tomorrow, and two, they are still figuring final prices themselves based on XBOX and other info.

But we always feel bad when we pay high prices if we don't feel it's fair value. Plus the price drops over time, as it does with all electronics. I think $400 is steep. I only paid $300 for an Xbox 360 about 6 months after its release (Microcenter had a $50 rebate). And all of those RROD errors at the time helped lower the price. I'm done my share of high price paying & I'm tired of it. I'm going to go back being the cheap-o/spend-thrift that I once was & try to squeeze blood out of every nickel & dime.

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I will pay it, its considerably cheaper than the ps3 was and will be less than the xbox one after a few years due to being forced to pay to play..

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That seems totally reasonable. I mean, even the supposed high end one is cheaper than the PS3 at launch.

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One SKU, $399 - don't overcomplicate things, Sony.

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Can we lock this thread? Every time it gets necroed I think this is an official announcement.

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hopefully its $350 thats the perfect price.

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@petiew said:

Most of the PS4's online features will mandate a premium subscription.

Well, I really hope this bit isn't true.

As do I. The PS3's been my go to console for latter half of the current generation primarily because of the fuller online feature set sans-subscription. As someone who only buys a handful of major console releases over the course of a year, I'd hate to get locked into the PS+ service for things like multiplayer or Netflix.

I think it is hopeful because if it was online play they would say all online features. So i bet online play, netflix and stuff will be fine but all the sharing, geikei, cloud, and social chat stuff will be under the subscription.

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Completely unrelated to anything in this thread but can the dollar sign have either one or two vertical lines? The $ sign on my keyboard has a single line but it's a British keyboard.


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