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How's streaming working out for you lot? Figured I'd ask about this, since my experiences have been mostly terrible. Once or twice I've managed to get out some good streaming from ACIV/Killzone with UStream and "High" quality settings, but otherwise it has mostly consisted of constant buffering/terrible latency. Most recent example was naturally inFamous, that only converted into steady streaming with "low" settings, which surprisingly enough doesn't do much justice to how that game looks.

My current connection is 100/10mbs, so you'd think that would at least qualify for steady High/Medium streaming...of course, PS4 connection test tends to work like RNG and sometimes shows it at 35/8, or 20/1.8 so I'm not sure if it's actually that poo on PS4 for some reason, or if the test itself just works like complete garbage.

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Video quality has been fine, I think the setting is on Best, but I've had a pretty consistent problem with echo on voices coming from the game and rarely does anyone watch me. For some reason I still enjoy the novelty of someone being ABLE to, though.

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