ps4 wifi and ipad issues

#1 Posted by Meyplay (29 posts) -

Hey all,

I was wondering has anyone else had issues using thier ipad over wifi when the ps4 is turned on using the same access point?

When my ps4 is just turned on idle on the dashboard and I try to use the net on ipad is goes super slow or just doesn't work once I turn the ps4 off wifi works normal again. the ps3 is right near the ps4 and that doesnt cause any issues to the wifi when i use the ipad.

#2 Posted by Matt_F606 (346 posts) -

Not seen that issue myself. Have you got any wired port forwarding set on the router? Also streaming to twitch seems to kill most home networks.

#3 Posted by Meyplay (29 posts) -

ah I don't know much about routers really just know it works fine for all my wireless devices ps4 is the first thing to throw a spanner in the works. like I said though when the ps4 is just idle its still screwing the wifi up

#4 Posted by egan85 (37 posts) -

I had that problem with a PS3 and a laptop only one would work at a time, but if I plugged the PS3 via ethernet they both would work. I checked to see if they were somehow trying to both connect with the same IP assigned from the router but that wasn't the case so I just put it down to some sort of interference.

#5 Posted by Meyplay (29 posts) -

yea I suspect if I just buy a cable and hardwire the ps4 then it will be problem solved probably will just end up doing that rather than stressing over the issue.

#6 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -

Nope. I have my ps4 wired into my Linksys EA6500 router and my iPad on wifi and everything works like a dream. No issues with iPad and Xone one Wifi either.

#7 Posted by flippyandnod (511 posts) -

This problem is on your end, pal. Not sure what it is though.

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