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I know this is not anything new, but I just looked at the playstation blog to see if there is any update on what will be coming to PS+ next month and I noticed the store update. The prices, oh Lord. Thief on PS4 is €69.99, which is $95! At the same time it comes to PS3 (still talking about digital version) for €59.99/$82! What's up with that??

I bought PS4 a couple of weeks ago. There is not much to play, but I decided to get the three big first person shooters. All the prices are in that range on PSN. I would be more than happy to buy all of them digitally for $60, but to pay $89, which is the current price for thanks. I bought all 3 games for that price, including postage from 3 different prople. All of them used. Sony just lost $180 worth of deals just because they are so greedy.

Is there any chance this will get better over time?

To be clear on the wage-prices argument, my current monthly net income is around $575, so I had to save up for a while to be able to afford the console and some games.

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The PS4's European PSN store is currently abysmal, especially in comparison with the PS3's. Overpriced, no dynamic pricing. Hell, you can't even preorder games yet. It will get better for sure though.

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They knocked twenty quid off of Knack... Now it's the price it should have been all along.

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Well for Knack specifically - that will surely come to PS+ eventually and I am not sure I want to play that even for free.

The point is they are charging prices that are not set like in US - as I understand it all games are more or less $60? Over here the more popular games are priced more.

And are we paying more for the same game just because it is on a new console now? There is €10 (~$14) difference for the same game on PS3 vs. PS4. Is that a thing now? All I see this doing is driving more used sales - I would love to buy straight from PSN to get more money to developers, cut out the middle man. But I can get used games 40-60% cheaper on PS4 right now.

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I was semi-joking about Knack. I think that game is ok, but they did drop the price on it, probably in response to Microsoft dropping the price of Ryse on the Xbox. And this is a good first step for lower prices on the store (even if both these games can be found cheaper if you look around opn the internet.)

I totally agree that the prices are absurd... who wouldn't. When you get Sony employees from the UK saying that game prices need to increase with the cost it takes to make games making our games go up by £10 while they stay the same in the US it seems completely unfair.

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@gunstarred: Knack sucks, so they try to get something out of it.

You called the pricing absurd - I would say it's straight up fucked up. I understand they are a business trying to make money, but I think if they went pro-consumer with the pricing, people like me would step back from used games and make up for the lower price in nubers. Everyone would win.

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It's always been like this in Europe and it's just not PSN. Same higher prices in games apply in retail, Steam, Origin etc...

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European prices generally include VAT, so they'll usually be higher than in the US. Either you have to suck it up and pay it, or you need bide your time and wait for a sale.

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I just bought Knack and Killzone for £20 each on Ebay. If PSN prices were a bit more realistic I would have given Sony the money.

Hopefully thinks will get better. Sony have been pretty good with sales on the PS3.

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Why I've been buying physical. Which sucks! Just looking at some stuff on PSN, Injustice £54.99, on Amazon, £34.99. Which one should I buy? Hell buying them in Game is cheaper than PSN...

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@blacklagoon: is the VAT added to the price after purchase then? In EU, as you said, the displayed price is the exact ammount that will be charged to my credit card. How much is added to a $60 game bought digitally? Or does that vary by state?

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@quipido said:

@blacklagoon: is the VAT added to the price after purchase then? In EU, as you said, the displayed price is the exact ammount that will be charged to my credit card. How much is added to a $60 game bought digitally? Or does that vary by state?

Varies by State. But it still doesn't make up the difference in cost but definitely makes it a tiny bit closer.

We need to see Digital prices come down here, I'd love to get a PS4/Xbox One and go just digital but at the moment that's far too expensive compared to buying boxed copies. Although I did notice that Dark Souls 2 Preorder is £39.99 on PSN which is a good price and I'm tempted to go for that instead of a boxed version.

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